2014 Southern Brewers Festival responsive website is live!


Fresh to the web, the 2014 Southern Brewers Festival responsive website is ready to meet the world!

Chattanooga loves craft beer, our local brewers have some real talent – so we are very excited to be apart of the southern brewers festival by launching their website for them.

This project has been a fun ride and we love how it has turned out; from full screen view to all different forms of mobile devices, we’ve loved the challenge! Maybe next year we’ll make a site ready to use on iWatches?

Click here to view their new responsive website!

Interested in talking to us about a site you’d like built to your specific needs? How about a sweet video production? Or a fresh branding experience? (fresher than a warm pair of jeans from your dryer!) Reach out to us on out site here, or just give us a call!


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