2018 Lookout Wild Film Festival, Huge Success!

Lookout Wild Film Festival Surpasses Expectations in Sixth Year.


The annual Lookout Wild Film Festival started six years ago. The film festival began in hopes of bringing a substantial presence and impact within the Chattanooga community. It began with only a few board members and has since grown into a very well-known, successful annual event. With selling out two nights in a row, the 2018 Lookout Wild Film Festival proved to be its best year yet. The festival took place at the Walker Theatre Auditorium for its fourth consecutive year.

The lineup included 80 films that individually captured beautiful, powerful stories. The films ranged from rock climbing to surfing while captivating the audience with deep, meaningful raw footage. With four days to see incredible films, the Lookout Wild Film Festival presented a wide range of showtimes. This allowed the audience to see as many films as possible.

Not only did the Lookout Wild Film Festival provide outstanding entertainment for the viewers, but it also provided a full bar, concessions, yoga, and live filmmaker Q&As. These are just a few aspects that created an environment that proves to keep people returning.

The founder of the Lookout Wild Film Festival, Andy Johns, hopes to experience even further success down the road. He recently said, “As we continue to grow, our goal still remains the same. That is to share inspiring films that tell a story of beauty while educating viewers.”


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