The Spectruss Creative Team Welcomes New Design Intern

Chattanooga marketing agency expands design team by providing new internship opportunity


Chattanooga, TN- May 31st, 2019– Spectruss, a full-service creative agency based in the Chattanooga, TN area, is excited to welcome a new graphic design intern, Bruno Benna, to the team. Spectruss is pleased to provide an internship opportunity that will provide substantial design experience by working directly with the creative director. The creative team at Spectruss prides themselves in providing excellent visual design for clients in order to dramatically set them apart from competitors.

Bruno Benna, originally from Dallas, TX, moved to Collegedale, TN four years ago to attend college as a graphic design student. Currently a senior at Southern Adventist University, Bruno will be graduating in December of this year. Having a background as Public Relations Director and Creative Director for his university’s Yearbook has helped shape his perspective as a graphic artist. As a designer, Bruno tries to derive his inspiration and influence from pop culture and current design trends. Practicing Animation and motion design is his current obsession.

“If there was one concrete word to describe my work, it would’ve been easier to just scrap this whole introduction and just slap a bold san serif above one of my photos and called it a night,” said Benna.

Growing up I would always get in trouble for scribbling on walls, books, furniture and literally anything that my short arms could reach. I loved making art and building my own board games. When he’s not behind a computer screen designing, you will most likely find him jamming out to Ariana Grande, scrolling on Instagram for Corgi videos, or playing the switch.




Spectruss is a full-service creative agency based out of Chattanooga, TN that specializes in marketing solutions utilizing custom website development, brand identity, videography and photography, digital marketing, e-commerce, paid media, public relations, review management, and data analysis. Their mission is to build long-lasting relations, living on the cutting edge of technology, advertising, and marketing to provide an unrivaled return on investment for clients.

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Spectruss Designs Custom Branding and Builds Online Visibility for Recognized Cosmetic Surgeon

At Spectruss, we know that obtaining a strong online presence is crucial for growing a business. Since its founding, we have worked alongside Sturm Cosmetic Surgery to create a custom designed website to reach a targeted audience. By integrating thoughtful design and strategic marketing strategies, we have established and grown Sturm Cosmetic Surgery’s online visibility over multiple different channels.

Brand Identity

Portraying your brand through storytelling is vital for captivating the interest of your consumers. Our creative team developed a compelling core message for Sturm Cosmetic Surgery to feel “Beautifully You” by articulating precise copywriting content for the website. Creating informative content with special attention to style and tone brought the inspiring brand voice to life.

Graphic Design

Excellent visual design is a crucial element that sets a business apart from its competitors. Our creative team was eager to build a beautiful platform for Sturm Cosmetic Surgery that would readily attract customers. We thoughtfully created a logo, color scheme, and graphics to portray the company’s brand image. Our team also edited and retouched all gallery photos to ensure a uniformed look was achieved.

Responsive Website Design

To achieve a seamless website experience, our team integrated responsive design which allows easy navigation between different screen sizes. Designing a mobile- friendly site for Sturm Cosmetic Surgery was an important step to ensure patients could easily view hours, upcoming events, and find directions.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the most important steps you can do for a new business is to maximize its online traffic visits through search engine optimization. In order to stand out against competitors, our team optimized Sturm Cosmetic Surgery’s website to obtain a high- ranking placement in the search results, leading to increased visibility and more website clicks.

Paid Advertising Management

Paid advertising is an excellent way to increase business growth by driving traffic towards multiple different online platforms. By utilizing search engines such as Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster, and Google my Business, our team achieved excellent growth results in less than two months.

Goal Conversion Rate: 2.38%

Site Visits: 1.1k


36%leads came from Paid Search

28%leads came from organic search

20%leads came from social


Social Media Management

Social media is an effective platform for your business to gain exposure and build customer relationships. Our team managed Facebook and Instagram platforms for Sturm Cosmetic Surgery to ensure informative and up-to-date content was used to portray services, products, and upcoming events. In less than two months, we saw significant growth and built a social community for the business.


-270 fans

-1.2k engagements

-2.6k page content clicks



-1.3k engagements


How Push Notifications Can Increase Online User Engagement 

With the virtual world constantly changing, the channels a business chooses to reach its potential customers is becoming increasingly important. Utilizing the ability to grab users’ interest with your brand even away from your site is essential for increasing online traffic.

The automated push notification is an optimal channel in the post-GDPR era, allowing growing e-commerce brands to “push” communications to target users. Email and SMS are platforms that have been used for years, but today, the trend is shifting towards push notifications. Automated push notifications have shown to have a significantly higher user engagement in comparison to both email and SMS.

High Click Through Rate

Eye-catching and difficult to ignore, automated push notifications prove to have a high click through rate. As soon as the notification appears on the user’s screen, there is usually an immediate click response. In contrast, emails have a tendency to get lost in a spam folder and left unopened. A recent study shows that push notifications have a significantly higher click through rate of 7x more than emails and a retention rate of 93% with segmentation.

One Click Subscription

Opting-in to push notifications is as simple as one click. When the notification appears on the screen, the visitor selects “allow” which then immediately adds the user to the subscriber list. This is an effective and simplified way for a business to target their audience. Studies have found that automated push notifications have an opt-in rate of around 5-15% compared with 2% for email newsletters. Because of the opt-in/opt-in option, users have more control of the content they are receiving which results in the alerts being of higher value to the consumer.

Significant Engagement

Rethinking the platforms used to engage with your potential customers is essential. Along with a higher opt-in rate, push notification also receives an average engagement rate of 21%, whereas the average email click-through rate is only 3% percent. Studies also show that the average person only spends a total of 20 minutes checking their email each day, with an average of 6.4 hours before an email notification is opened. This highly contrasts with the average 16 hours a day that a smartphone is turned on or the time a person is online. Users who opt in to push notifications are much more likely to see your business’s push notifications on their device. Visitors are also 88% more likely to engage with your brand because of push notifications compared with other channels.