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Branding Timeline

Your identity is everything. Make a lasting impression with your brand and let us build your business from logo to promo! Ecommerce can be greatly effected by first impressions.

A great logo can go a long way increasing your online sales.

branding timeline

  • American Exchange was founded in 2013.

  • How to make gutters cool? Using a section cut of a gutter was used as the main framing element for the Chattanooga Gutter Company logo.

  • Merch Northshore opened their doors in March 2013. We wanted to give the client a clean quirk free identity that is classic at the same time nostalgic.

  • The Ninety North logo was produced for a film about the first SUP journey from Cuba to Key West.

  • The Hagler logo was reworked to fit the golden proportion, re-establishing the swoosh and enhancing the curvature to give a more dynamic appeal.

  • One year after, A/E went through a streamlined modern design rebrand.

  • The Boutique Couture logo received a facelift along with the release of it’s new website. Merged letter forms create a classic mark reflecting classic events the retailer caters for.

  • The re-established mark was translated to a division of Hagler’s business. Keeping the same elements to create letter forms and giving a contrasting color to the original.

  • This unpublished concept Southern Brewer’s Festival logo was designed for the 20th anniversary showcasing elements of the host city and beer of course.

  • The Hutton and Smith brand was inspired by geology, rock climbing and love for brewing. Just a few months after the tap room opened, branded merchandise appeared everywhere and the beer was offered on tap in several restaurants.

  • The Cogent Studio logo was designed for architects. The idea came from the Bauhaus movement, bringing it to today’s time. Modern meets Modern.

  • The Mountain Outfitters revamp was a collaboration with the owners based on the original logo with updated typography and graphic elements.

  • Brix Nouveau was re-opened and re-branded in August 2014. The dog friendly patio and wine bar inspired the story of Brix, the French bulldog, to serve as the brand’s primary identity.

  • The Lea Team neighborhood branding was an effort to bring identity to each neighborhood in Chattanooga for the real estate market. Each logo has it’s own color, seal and style reflective of the landscape.

  • Southside Social is the newest craze in dining concepts. As a new boutique bowling alley, the branding was inspired by retro bowling signage married with clean modern typography.

  • Diamond Gusset is an American Jean Company that began manufacturing gusseted jeans ideally for the bike enthusiast. The new logo was inspired by western elements and the classic rider.

  • Bleu Door Boutique is a woman’s boutique specializing in upscale fashion. Letter forms create the brand, simple, elegant, timeless.

  • Fling for all seasons was an overstock discounted online ecommerce store for the woman on the go with clothing options for all seasons.

  • East By Main is a brand new real estate development in Chattanooga's Southside neighborhood featuring three story modern townhouses designed for the urban enthusiast.

  • AIA TN hosts an annual convention and for 2016, Spectruss was chosen to be it’s partner to build all the marketing, branding and web design for the event.

  • Pac 'N Store is a subscription based storage solution for individuals who need their seasonal equipment stored when not in use.

  • Restroom Fresh was created to keep commercial restrooms smelling clean and fresh using the best products available.

  • Passageways is an international community outreach design competition presented by AIA Tennessee and Rivercity Company for the AIA TN Convention.

  • Learn by Design presented by AIA Tennessee and Green Spaces is a community outreach project of the 2016 AIA Tennessee State Convention held August 24-26 in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

  • Inspired by rhythmic vibrations, the Tim Hinck brand identity reflects his classical roots as a pianist as well as his inventive and progressive multi-sensory performances that he is known for.

  • Bread & Butter is an artisan bakery and local market that specializes in quality breads and food items that uses their secret ingredient: Time.

  • The Conversant Group is a Chattanooga-based IT services and consulting company. The new rebranded logo was an effort to give the company a more modern and appropriate identity that is reflective of the level of business they provide.

  • SORBA stands for Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association. The rebrand features a delicate yet bold graphic of a bicycle's spokes that is suggestive of the nature of mountain biking.