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The challenge

BuyOrBorrow Music is a brand new subscription based music gear retail and rental brand. Building this new brand opened many challenges including, building an ecommerce solution that allowed for simultaneous purchases and rentals, memberships, casual browsing, and eventual reselling of items, while raising brand awareness and gain new following prior to the launch of the new website.


Since the scope of the MVP was always a moving target, the way we built the site allowed us to pivot in any necessary direction and provide a tech stack that ultimately over delivered in performance and management. This was a complex site that needed to achieve multiple purposes as once all while pushing the limit of what everyone thought possible on WordPress sites.

We sourced the necessary inventory items and built the database into what it is now with the catalog, created custom post types, organized a complex category hierarchy across multiple instrument types, purchasing methods, and user types.

In addition, we built in an affiliate system to track sales and purchases for users to generate income, integrated this site with Affirm, Stripe, Quickbooks, Hubspot, Avalara, Shipstation, and many other 3rd party integrations an applications.

The site was designed and and built to have an easy to understand and navigate UI that is mobile responsive to ensure it looks great regardless of device, OS or size.

Due to all the moving parts needed to enable the site to work properly, we built workflows that overcommunicate data to CRM and sales management systems to give richer detail and insights into future decision making.

Brand cohesive email notifications take place to inform the customer of what's happening, and allow dynamic data to be apart of these communications so the right customer gets the right message. Scalable system will allow this site to sell new types of products including digital media, software, and more.

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