Behind the Brand

Providing you with the world’s premium line of 100% organic, full spectrum CBD products. We have secured the industry’s leading absorption rate and bioavailability by integrating the use of progressive technology.

At Kyte Life our mission is to not only uplift your life, but also the lives of others. When you purchase any of our great products at Kyte Life, you can feel good knowing that 10% of profits will go to support Alzheimers.



Born, named and raised at the Spectruss office, we wanted the Kyte logo to be bold, easily recognized and friendly. The iconic Kyte emblem is cradled effortlessly by the K + Y letter forms giving it a restful home that feels safe and secure just like how you should feel when you use the Kyte CBD products.


Color Story

Full Spectrum CBD means full control of the color spectrum. The Kyte colors are bright and vibrant celebrating full gradients of the suggested palette.

Gotham Light

your life

Helvetica Rounded




The Kyte fonts must be light and airy San-serifs. The website URL must always be in a rounded font to complement the logo.



Uplift your life. Kyte is optimistic and hopeful. Kyte wants you to be adventurous and playful.



Less noise, all branding. Keeping a minimal appeal to all Kyte packaging reduces all your product anxiety already just by having it in your hand. By reducing all heavy text to a minimum and keeping the logo the focal point, Kyte is really all you need!



To educate and create an easy shopping experience to purchase your favorite CBD products, that’s the goal for the Kyte website. CBD is quickly emerging in the market and we want the Kyte online shopping experience to be as pleasurable as the products themselves. Shop on any device, Kyte.life is designed to be responsive on all platforms.


Social Media

Keep it colorful, keep it consistent. The key to a memorable brand is consistency. Followers have a certain expectation of what your brand image portrays on social media. Developing a cohesive look will drive new followers and loyal subscribers.



From promotional videos to image ads, we’ve developed creative advertising strategies to increase and create brand awareness for Kyte.