Southside Social

Chattanooga’s First Boutique
Bowling Alley, Restaurant + Bar.

The challenge

The growth of Chattanooga’s Southside district opened new opportunities for nightlife in the city. Southside Social was the first boutique bowling alley, restaurant and bar to offer a variety of games and different spaces for friends and family to hang out. The challenge was how to give this dynamic new hot spot a fun and exciting brand to introduce to the city.


Being the first boutique immersive destination for food and games, our team develop a brand that had to scream fun and high energy that is also elevated, sophisticated and modern! And that’s exactly what we delivered to Southside Social.

The simplicity of the design of the Southside Social logo encompassed all of the points that it needed to represent. The angle, curves and continuous lines feel highly dynamic yet still elegant and neon light ready for beautiful signage!

We also worked on the environmental design for the building, menus, and a variety of merchandise and different ways of using the logo to raise brand awareness and recognition.

Our team designed and developed the website for Southside Social as well to display all the functions and events that they provide, bookings and reservations and a menu for food and drinks.

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