the furniture
shoppe and
the patio
the furniture shoppe
and the patio shop

A Fowler
Family Tradition SINCE 1885

The challenge

The Furniture Shoppe is a high-end furniture store that has been serving the Chattanooga community and beyond for over 135 years. The company was outsourcing all of its marketing and creative efforts to multiple different agencies, resulting in brand inconsistency, an increase in margins, and an overall hassle. That’s when they turned to Spectruss, a full-service, all in-house marketing and advertising agency.


We sourced all of The Furniture Shoppe’s marketing needs into one strategic, monthly generated campaign. By having everything in-house at Spectruss, we eliminated up to $10,000 in third party fees for The Furniture Shoppe. Our team has also significantly boosted visibility and sales for the store by building cohesive advertising campaigns across all forms of media channels.

From magazine ads to direct mailers, we created print designs that deliver promotions clearly and efficiently, reaching over 38,000 households of The Furniture Shoppe’s target audience. We also created monthly email campaigns that go out to thousands of subscribers with about a 20% open rate.
Our traditional and digital marketing strategies have increased The Furniture Shoppe’s visibility by 181% to its exact target audience. We manage all social media platforms to ensure shared content is relative to current promotions and to keep engagement up, resulting in over 1 million impressions.

By producing monthly TV campaigns that go across multiple channels, we’ve been able to reach 70% of The Furniture Shoppe’s target audience with an average of 10.2% view rate of our actual customer base.

Our marketing strategies have saved The Furniture Shoppe time and money while significantly boosting visibility and sales. We have increased their brand awareness to over 34,000 people and increased foot traffic to the store by 24%.

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