TODAY Show Welcomes Spectruss Client, PurrPacks

The result of an effective marketing strategy

PurrPacks knew their box of treats and toys for furry friends was a new trend that would captivate the eyes of many cat lovers. But, when the NBC TODAY show reached out to them to be featured alongside Kathie Lee and Hoda as a creative subscription idea, they were astonished.


How did PurrPacks attract this medium?


PurrPacks is a monthly subscription box of toys, treats, and fun for cats. Buyers can select from three different sizes, personalize treat flavors, and color preference. Also, 10% of all their retail subscription profits go to animal shelters.

Spectruss joined the excitement and planned to ignite the brand with a fresh new identity and creative marketing solutions to make a mark within this industry. We based our approach on what was best for PurrPacks, like we do all our clients. Our team knew we had to expand the marketing efforts in order to promote this specific brand and see a conversion increase. So, in addition to web design, social media management, email campaigns, and graphic design, we reached out to influencers.

Incorporating influencer marketing into our overall strategy positioned PurrPacks in front of their target audience’s trusted sources of information. Influencers are across different types of platforms like blogging, vlogging, social media, podcasts, etc. They typically do have a high number of followers, but that is not their purpose. This type of person or reviewer has the power to influence someone’s decision making process.

As a result, Spectruss created an opportunity to network with a number enthusiastic parties and developed relationships with multiple influencers. Thus opening the door to a circle of interest that can potentially reach other mediums, like the TODAY Show.

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Spectruss launches Passageways for AIA Tennessee

With the American Institute of Architects Tennessee annual convention approaching on August 24th it is time to begin the unveiling of some of the exciting projects that will happen as a result. Today we are proud to launch the website for the joint venture for AIA Tennessee and the River City Company – Passageways.

Passageways is an open competition where teams will be able to rejuvenate alleyways within Chattanooga in the spirit of collaboration and with the hopes to inspire, and spark a sense of interest through great design and creativity.

This event coincides with the annual AIA Tennessee convention. This convention brings some of the best and brightest in the world of Architecture to our own city, Chattanooga Tennessee. Spectruss is proud to be the chosen firm to represent
AIA and their branding goals for this years event. It was our goal from the start to set an aesthetic that could illustrate the importance of the work AIA is linked to.
This years theme “IMPACT” was created to instill a sense of gravity to the themes overall
atmosphere, highlighting the importance and impact of Architecture around the world. Stay tuned as we unveil more for this years convention as we are able too! It is going to be a fantastic AIA Tennessee event.

If you are excited about this years event checkout their websites and learn more about both the AIA Passageways competition and the convention itself. Chattanooga is a rapidly growing city and while Spectruss works with companies all over the country it is a pleasure to be able to dedicate time to a prestigious event in our own hometown. It’s both a humbling experience, and a ton of fun!


Spectruss CTR Now Supports Recurring Billing

Spectruss is pleased to announce that Spectruss CTR offers Recurring Billing for clients looking to offer subscription services of any kind, from gym memberships and summer camps, to recurring monthly products and online magazines.

You can now offer your customers the ability to update their personal account preferences, including payment type, subscription upgrade/downgrade and credit card information. All of this can be done from their dashboard without the assistance of support staff.

Not only does Spectruss CTR give you the ability to manage your products and subscriptions, it also allows you to edit the content on every page of your website in an easy to use interface. Keeping your website up to date has never been easier!

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Cordell Carter, CEO of TechTown, Honored at White House

Congratulations to Cordell Carter of TechTown Chattanooga for being selected and honored at the White House as ‘Champion of Change in Computer Education’. Proud to have worked with Cordell and Techtown on their new website.

Spectruss built TechTown a new website complete with online registration for classes and events, payment processing, and an online interactive waiver. The website is fully responsive for mobile, tablet and desktop devices and built in WordPress so they can manage all of their own content.

Check out TechTown’s website for more info


Modern Real Estate Website Now Live – The Lea Team

Spectruss is excited to release the modern real estate website for Chattanooga based realty company, The Lea Team. Built on a WordPress content management system, we utilized custom plugins and custom design to build a one-of-a-kind realty website that has not been seen before.

The Lea Team’s website uses full screen video embedded from their YouTube channel and offers their visitors the ability to search the full MLS, or to view the featured listings offered by The Lea Team. All pages are editable in WordPress so The Lea Team’s marketing department can add and edit content at anytime, from any device.

With the constant increase in devices and various screen sizes, fixed width websites are no longer acceptable. With that said, we built The Lea Team realty website to be fully responsive for mobile, tablet and desktop devices, without having a separate website for each. This helps increase search engine optimization and eliminates any problems with duplicate url structures and bad linking.

Check out The Lea Team’s new website at 


The Moth Ball by CityScope Website Now Live

Spectruss is excited to launch another website for CityScope Magazines. Featuring an updated design and a fully responsive website, The Moth Ball by CityScope website works on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Built on a WordPress content management system, the Moth Ball website can be maintained and updated by CityScope.


Started in 2012, The Moth Ball by CityScope® , is an event for ladies only. It’s the special event where women can dust off that wedding, prom, or bridesmaid dress or anything old in their closet for an evening full of food, fun, fabulous music, and tons of fashions from the past.

CityScope magazine invites you to wear that wedding, prom, bridesmaid dress, or any old thing that’s been taking up residence in your closet, and join us in supporting women in Chattanooga with a bunch of other great women!

Each year the fundraiser benefits a different charity.

To register for this years Moth Ball, visit


Website Launched – CityScope Food and Drink

This week here at Spectruss, the popular local magazine CityScope gets an online face-lift for their “Food and Drink” magazine. CityScope is a Chattanooga-based magazine with many annual and seasonal magazine releases to multiple scenes around the local area, including:  Football, Business, Home & Design, Health, to name a few.

With the launch of the new website through Spectruss, the team at CityScope now has easy control of their front-end website appearance through a personalized WordPress back-end. This is the first website rollout for what will be several websites to embody their brand. The new website features a content management system that will allow CityScope to plug in their own content and take control of what appears on the website.

Spectruss is now beginning development on the “Moth Ball by CityScope” website, which is a great benefit event put on by CityScope and the women of Chattanooga. With that underway, Spectruss is excited to add another great website to the Chattanooga website design community.

For a firsthand look at the new site, head over to:


Website Launch : TechTown, Innovation for Education

Spectruss is excited to launch TechTown’s new website this week! TechTown had a very successful Summer at their newly built location in Downtown Chattanooga and decided it was time to update their website design. The new website will open with a full screen, eye-catching video, made by Creative Insomniac. From their, the visitor will be able to scroll into the website and take a virtual tour, purchase passes, or fill out a registration form for their child.

Techtown wanted an easy-to-use interface for managing content, products, and forms on their website. So, Spectruss developed the website on a custom built WordPress platform, allowing them to manage all aspects of their web presence.

With fall camps coming up soon for Techtown, the timeline for this project was very tight. In fact, Spectruss designed and developed the responsive website in two and a half weeks. Not bad for a fully customized, e-commerce website!

The new website is set to launch this week, so be sure to check it out!

Spectruss is passionate about education. We are always interested in working with innovative institutions that can help bring the skills we rely on to the youth of Chattanooga, Atlanta, the southeast  or the nation for that matter. TechTown is a fantastic institute and working not her project was a real treat for us.


Night and Day – Spectruss Demo Reel

Spectruss Videography Demo Reel

Spectruss offers custom services not only in web design, marketing and branding – but also content creation. Brands need to create impact, they need to stand out, we love attention so we have gotten really good at making brands stand out. If you are in need of custom video for your web presence, contact us and we are happy to talk about your project. In the meantime checkout this demo reel below!

Using some left over footage from video projects over the last year, we put together a Spectruss Demo Reel titled “Night and Day”. More videos coming soon, so be sure to check back!

Night and Day from Spectruss on Vimeo.

Produced by Spectruss with combined footage from previous projects to form an “almost storyboard”.

Telling a story is essential behind the success of a brand. For each business, there is a unique story to tell – whether it is from the humble beginnings from which you began, the hardships you faced and conquered, or the idea you turned from nothing to something – these stories bring your customers into your story, they create loyalty and they create meaning. Spectruss can help you with this.

A Quick Look at the Start of Spectruss

Spectruss as we know it today started as a goal inside of a garage, by a person who understood web design, and media. It started as a demo reel of sorts, with hints of what you need, but not the full picture yet. It took time, and hard work – but so does anything that is worth creating. From that hard work, Spectruss went from a humble local web design shop, to a Chattanooga powerhouse, then expanding into Atlanta, or to Kentucky, or the entire southeast. Today it operates nationwide, but it started with a simple idea, and the desire to learn, grow and perfect.


Responsive Website Launch: American Exchange

We just completed a full responsive website design and branding for a new healthcare provider based right here in Chattanooga, American Exchange! This site was designed to focus on simple user interface, an easy user experience, and an ‘access-anywhere’ responsive layout that will allow anyone to access the site at anytime, on any device. This is why we do what we do!

Click here to view their new responsive website!

Interested in talking to us about a responsive website you’d like built to your specific needs? How about a video production? Or a fresh branding experience? (it’ll be fresher than a new pine tree air freshener!) Reach out to us here , or just give us a call!