Learning to Code is the New Requirement for Jobs in Design

Tina Covelli

March 23, 2017

Designers who can create beautiful and trending concepts are in high demand. Their skills can take an amazing product and make it understandable and desirable to customers. But a new wave of designers and developers have started to change jobs in design. Designers are learning to code, and developers are learning to design. Design + […]

Wearable Technology – Project Jacquard

Tina Covelli

March 16, 2017

Recently at South by Southwest, Levi and Google showed off their collaborative wearable technology, Project Jacquard. They’ve eliminated the bulky, awkward, wearable tech that we’ve become used to seeing and replaced it with a jacket that looks and acts like a jacket while having washable conductive fibers running through it. With the jacket comes with […]

Passenger Drones Ready for Customers in Dubai

Tina Covelli

March 13, 2017

Are you ready for not only self-driving cars but self-flying limo services? Starting in July of 2017, Dubai plans to start offering drone passenger services using China’s Ehang 184. The drone was announced by The Roads and Transportation Authority of Dubai at the World Government Summit and has been working to become ready for transport following the summit. […]

The Future is Listening – Voice Recordings

Tina Covelli

March 9, 2017

Have you ever wondered if your phone or electronics are listening to your conversations? You talk about something new, for the first time, and then suddenly the ads on Facebook mobile are for what you just talked about? Maybe you plan an event and without scheduling it your phone already knows about it? Voice Recordings and […]

Electronic Waste on the Rise

Tina Covelli

March 7, 2017

Each year the want and need for electronic devices, ranging from small appliances to huge industrial machines, rises and rises. We are all officially living in the electronic age, which is resulting in a lot of electronic waste. While a rise of production in electronic equipment can be a great boost for a countries economy, […]

Spectruss Hosts Holiday Party!

Tina Covelli

December 28, 2015

  During this holiday season, Spectruss hosted its holiday party at the local Chattanooga brewery, Hutton and Smith.Clients, friends, and fellow Spectruss co-workers gathered inside the brewery for various beers, snacks, and conversation. If you haven’t already, check out Hutton and Smith Brewery at 431 East Martin Luther King Blvd in downtown Chattanooga, or online […]

Website Launch : TechTown, Innovation for Education

Tina Covelli

September 28, 2015

Spectruss is excited to launch TechTown’s new website this week! TechTown had a very successful Summer at their newly built location in Downtown Chattanooga and decided it was time to update their website design.

The Gig City Welcomes TechTown

Tina Covelli

September 28, 2015

TechTown, the technology and entrepreneurial learning center, signs with Spectruss!
TechTown offers kids from 7 to 17 various opportunities to learn, explore, and discover in the world of video production, technology, graphic design, and entrepreneurship. Located in the heart of downtown Chattanooga, this business is eager and ready to open the imaginations of kids across the local area.

Spectruss at Knoxville AIA Convention “Tennesseeing”

Tina Covelli

September 25, 2015

From July 29th – 31st, Spectruss was featured in the exhibit hall of the Knoxville AIA Convention “Tennesseeing,” where architects and design enthusiasts alike gathered to learn from one another and see what’s trending with design.

Night and Day – Spectruss Demo Reel

Tina Covelli

September 23, 2015

Using some left over footage from video projects over the last year, we put together a Spectruss Demo Reel titled “Night and Day”. More videos coming soon, so be sure to check back!

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