The Future is Listening – Voice Recordings

Sam Silvey

February 23, 2018

Have you ever wondered if your phone or electronics are listening to your conversations? You talk about something new, for the first time, and then suddenly the ads on Facebook mobile are for what you just talked about? Maybe you plan an event and without scheduling it your phone already knows about it? Voice Recordings and […]

Medical Companies Joining Social Media

Sam Silvey

February 13, 2018

Social media helps people connect over the web, and over time businesses have been using social media to also connect with their clients. With many ways to connect to clients, and with many different platforms, medical companies are reaching out through Facebook and Instagram as new ways to connect. Bloggers sharing their stories People on social media […]

Apple Says Goodbye to Imagination Technologies’ Services

Sam Silvey

April 10, 2017

This past week Apple announced that they were creating their own in-house mobile processor for their devices. This news immediately affected Imagination Technologies’s shares, which dropped almost 70 percent. Imagination Technologies created Apple’s PowerVR graphics that supplies them with a small royalty on each transaction. Those royalties make up a large percentage of the businesses […]

Wearable Technology – Project Jacquard

Sam Silvey

March 16, 2017

Recently at South by Southwest, Levi and Google showed off their collaborative wearable technology, Project Jacquard. They’ve eliminated the bulky, awkward, wearable tech that we’ve become used to seeing and replaced it with a jacket that looks and acts like a jacket while having washable conductive fibers running through it. With the jacket comes with […]

Passenger Drones Ready for Customers in Dubai

Sam Silvey

March 13, 2017

Are you ready for not only self-driving cars but self-flying limo services? Starting in July of 2017, Dubai plans to start offering drone passenger services using China’s Ehang 184. The drone was announced by The Roads and Transportation Authority of Dubai at the World Government Summit and has been working to become ready for transport following the summit. […]

Electronic Waste on the Rise

Sam Silvey

March 7, 2017

Each year the want and need for electronic devices, ranging from small appliances to huge industrial machines, rises and rises. We are all officially living in the electronic age, which is resulting in a lot of electronic waste. While a rise of production in electronic equipment can be a great boost for a countries economy, […]

Practice Day at Sebring in MX5 Cup Car

Sam Silvey

November 19, 2015

I recently returned from a Skip Barber Racing School at Sebring International Raceway. The last time I was in a race car was 13 years ago at Road Atlanta. The five days spent in racing school at Sebring really helped me get reacquainted to threshold trail braking, line reading, and, most importantly, helped me stop being “an early apexing scumbag”. […]

Is there a deeper meaning to your doodle?

Sam Silvey

June 17, 2015

Let’s be honest with each other, we all doodle. (Yes, even drawing a circle over and over again on a piece of paper in a meeting is an act of ‘doodling’).   Often-times, doodles originate out of sheer boredom. We may be in a slow meeting, trying to recalculate our day, or trying to remember […]

Minimalism: Less Stuff = More Happiness?

Sam Silvey

June 17, 2015

Minimalism It’s TED Talk Tuesday! Today we’re looking at a talk by Graham Hill, writer and designer, about how decluttering your life can lead to increased happiness?     A lot can be taken away from that, but let’s apply it in some aspects to web design. There is a misconception that you always need […]

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