Don’t Hold Back Your E-Commerce

Take a risk. Increase your e-commerce business to new levels.


If you follow these steps, the payoff will be well worth the hard work:


Research the Current Competitors in Your Marketplace

Knowing where your business stands among competitors is the most important step to take. Why? Because there are numerous choices online for consumers to choose from. In order to ensure your business is attracting the most attention, it is imperative to see what your competitors are doing well and capitalize on what they are not.


Use Google Adwords

With Google Adwords, there are two networks to use in hopes of achieving the highest position possible on SEO:

Search Network

When you advertise on the Search Network, your ad can show next to search results, on other Google sites like Maps and Shopping.

Acquiring the perfect list of keywords is vital to the success of all search campaigns. Fortunately, there is a tool called Keyword Planner that sorts through all past searches for specific words and gives ideas for other words that might work best within the campaign.

Display Network

Advertising on the Display Network allows you to capture potential consumers on their favorite websites, YouTube, Gmail accounts, mobile devices and apps, through different types of ads.

Four different types of ads on the Display Network: 

Responsive Ads

Uploaded Image Ads

Engagement Ads

Gmail Ads

The Display Network gives the opportunity to grab the customers’ attention earlier in the buying cycle. Everyone knows that ads can be very boring and repetitive but by creating ads that are appealing to the eye, consumers’ attention can be caught quickly and efficiently.



Remarketing ads on both the search and display networks helps potential customers remember your business.

Tip: Tag your site for remarketing – Add the remarketing global site tag and event snippets to your website to show ads to people who have visited your desktop, mobile website, or app.


Create Ads to Run on Social Media Platforms

Running ads on social media platforms helps:

Raise brand awareness

Gain bigger followings on social media channels


Rigorously Post on All Social Media Platforms

Ideas for potential posts:

Introduce new products

Run promotions

Discuss current social topics


Send Email Campaigns

Promote new things happening within the company

Give information about upcoming promotions


Applying these steps to your e-commerce business model could help your business reach new heights you never thought possible.


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