Logo Design Q&A with Creative Director, Justin Aragon

Conversant Group, Chattanooga-based IT services and consulting company, recently launched their new logo designed by Spectruss creative director Justin Aragon. We took a moment to talk with Justin about logo design and his creative process. Justin is a Chattanooga local with a background in architecture design. You may have seen his logo work around the Chattanooga area including Cogent Studio, Passageways by AIA TN, and Hutton & Smith Brewing Company.


Q: What are some elements you like most about the new Conversant Group logo?

A: “The logo was designed to have one seamless singular line to construct the C and the G from the Conversant Group. The circular form is very friendly and evokes a continuous dynamic energy that also plays with the idea of “Connecting the Dots,” something reflective of the company’s ideals. I think those elements are what makes this logo special.”

Q: How long did it take for the final design? Do you do lots of revisions?

A: “There was a total of 12 logos presented with multiple variations for the Conversant Group rebrand. I developed 5 initial conceptual designs and further explored elements that were successful from the first set as well as incorporating some feedback from the entire company. The second round of revisions included 7 logos and the new logo was chosen during the presentation. The final design only took a few minor refinements and additional variations and alternatives were added to the collection. The project spanned for about two months from conception to the completion of the company brand book.”

Q: When designing a logo, what are some things you have to keep in mind?

A: “The most important thing to keep in mind when designing a logo is to not only design something beautiful but also create something that is meaningful and reflective of the brand or company. I like my logos to embody a sense of timelessness minimalism that stay relevant over time. It has to be technically legible, emotionally memorable… with a potential of being iconic!”

Q: What do you use to design? Ex: pen and paper, tablet, Illustrator…

A: “I usually start with typography, so searching for the right type to begin the project involves jumping straight to digital to begin the process. During conceptual meetings, I begin doodling rough ideas of imagery in my head, paper, tablet, or whatever I can grab. But… Illustrator is where it’s at!”

Q: What should one start doing if they are interested in logo design work?

A: “It’s always a good idea to have a little bit of graphic design knowledge and be able to reference different styles from history. Besides having a vision and collecting a few inspirations, the first thing that I usually ask a client or anyone seeking for a logo design is to tell a story about them, their company, or anything interesting. I like to grasp their personality and be able to assess their taste level from their enthusiasm. I also like to listen to any visual cues in their story that can be translated to possible graphic ideas. The best logos are ones that have an emotional connection with the owner. Knowledge, a clear vision, inspiration and being able to express the need for this logo are definitely things to prepare when seeking high-level design work!”



You can see more of Justin Aragon’s logo design work at

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