Minimalism: Less Stuff = More Happiness?


It’s TED Talk Tuesday!

Today we’re looking at a talk by Graham Hill, writer and designer, about how decluttering your life can lead to increased happiness?



A lot can be taken away from that, but let’s apply it in some aspects to web design. There is a misconception that you always need more, that your message is not obvious, your branding may not be clear, you need more content – more pages, more words. It is a trap that many can easily fall into if they are not careful.

The idea that less is more is potent in the online world where attention spans are notoriously short, and it is far too easy to click onto a new topic quickly. So the truth is, in many instances, less is the way to go on the web. It is all about converting people to customers, or fans, or interested readers – whatever the need is. Minimalism in your web presence can help you with this.

You need social media, you need content, you need a website, you need it all, but not everything has to be a book. Keeping messages short,c lear and concise across a vast online spectrum can be the key to a successful web presence – fight the urge to add more. Just make sure what you have is great.

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