Hunter Museum - A Spectruss Case Study
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The Process

Reorganizing the content for the new Hunter Museum website involved a very rigorous process. Our creative team and the Hunter Museum worked together to deliver a fresh and reimagined way to exhibit the art and programs the museum has to offer.

Website Redesign

With deep backgrounds in fine American art, Spectruss creatives were eager to give The Hunter Museum a new website that creates a seamless digital experience that arrestingly mirrors the feeling of walking through its galleries. Therefore, the biggest element on the new site was to showcase the museum’s collection and exhibitions while also giving a highly navigatable design that is user-friendly for all ages. The minimalistic approach to the site so it wouldn’t distract from the exhibition and collection pieces.

Social Presence

Hunter Museum’s Party on the Bluff is the most exciting New Year’s Eve Party in Chattanooga and we developed a Snapchat Geofilter for guests to enjoy and share with friends.

Responsive Web Design

A highly intuitive mobile site was crucial for the redesign as museum-goers rely on mobile friendliness for directions, times, events and what’s going on at the museum.