Wedding Suits - A Spectruss Case Study
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Brand Identity

The logo reflects the modern millennial groom, sharp, elegant, yet still playful. The brand also celebrates the comradery of the groom and his entourage, allowing them to have fun in their formal wear at an affordable price without worrying about returning the suit. This is not a rental!


Our creative team developed all of the packaging essentials for the box. It will include the suit package with the jacket, pants, shirt, and tie of choice as well as any add-on accessory.

Custom E-Commerce Website

We’ve developed a highly intuitive shopping experience for the groom and his groom’s men. will allow the groom to choose his look for the wedding as well as his entourage. At checkout, grooms are able to send and share the matching look for each of the men on the wedding. With just one click, will simplify the suiting process during the planning stage of the wedding. We’ve also integrated new technology for sizing accuracy to find the perfect fit for all body types.


Creating the story of a brand is crucial for its launch. Our creative team developed the entire lifestyle bringing each suit’s personality to life. The Wedding Suits brand celebrates diversity and love for all and it was very important for each model to represent their individuality and to be highly relatable for all men.

Product Photography