Original content. Made just for you

Spectruss has a full-time, in-house video and photo department that is here to make bespoke content, exclusively for your marketing goals. With everything from on-location shoots to full-scale in-studio productions, our team works with you from start-to-finish, helping turn your vision into a reality.


Studio Production

All the lights, camera, and action you’d expect. With a high-level approach to your content, your studio production will be right at home on the silver screen.


On-Location Shoots

Our team will meet you on-location to give a first-hand, totally original approach to your content. With everything from real-estate photos and videos to lifestyle and fashion shoots, we’ll help produce top-tier quality content for you and your brand or business.



Interviews are a key component in anything from origin stories to case studies to new-employee showcases. We’ll help you bring the message to your audience.


Video Blogs

By exploring the ins-and-outs of your company, brand, or business, we can create an original short (or long) documentary, detailing everything from origin stories to new products and services being offered. Any way you look at it, it’s going to resonate.

Studio Production Video Blogs
On-Location Shoots