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Our Spectruss MD packages are built for businesses who are looking to build a strong, cohesive brand identity, while also saving money by eliminating mark-up from unnecessary 3rd party vendors. Everything you need, under one roof.




At Spectruss, we have built a team that is capable of managing and executing all forms of marketing and advertising in house. This not only strengthens your brand identity and decreases your time-to-live for projects, but also lowers your overall expense. Spectruss MD is the cutting edge choice for companies looking to grow their brand.

Tell us what you want, and we’ll make it happen! Spectruss MD gives your company access to our powerhouse of skills including design, web development, digital media, photography, videography, PR, and more. Our team will work with your monthly goals to make all your marketing ideas come to life!




The Entry Level Spectruss MD is perfect for those businesses looking to have someone manage smaller budget digital advertising campaigns, manage social media accounts, and send one to two monthly email campaigns. In reality, this is the beginning of your marketing strategy, as 40 hours can be used very quickly in a month.




The Silver Level Spectruss MD opens up our ability to manage larger advertising budgets across more platforms, increase our engagement on social media, take on small programming tasks, and start building a content library for campaigns. The Silver Level package is great for those who are still limited on budget, but want to develop a more complete digital experience for their customers.




The Gold Level Spectruss MD is where we really start to shine. At 160 hours per month, we are able to execute small campaigns that utilize photos, videos or designed animations created in house. We can then develop a strategy to deliver this content across digital platforms with highly targeted demographic settings to maximize conversions. Our programmers will have more time available to them to develop more cutting edge pages and focus on the small details that make a big difference in increasing conversion rates.




Our Platinum Level Spectruss MD is our most popular package as it offers our lowest hourly rate. Clients that choose this package typically use Spectruss as their full-service marketing/advertising department. We have the ability to develop national- level campaigns, large cutting edge websites, and a complete advertising/marketing strategy across every network possible. Clients have seen as much as $10k per month saved by switching from multiple 3rd party companies to our Platinum Level package. All of our hours are tracked using digital time tracking software, and the client will be notified before we go over our hourly budget.

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