Rank Fast on Search Engines With These Quick Tips

Are you finding it tough to rank for any kind of keyword in google?

Search engine algorithms are constantly being updated and more companies are building out their online presence.  This means that it’s going to continue to get harder to rank.

However, at Spectruss we have found some basic SEO tactics can cover about 80% of the heavy lifting when it comes to SEO strategy.


Here are some quick strategies to rank fast on search engines:

Research User Intent

The best general strategy is to go after long-tail ranking terms.

For instance, at Spectruss we are not a general web agency.

We are a full-service web-design agency based in Chattanooga, TN with the sole-focus of accelerating our customer’s business.

You have to be extremely specific about who your target customer is before you even start optimizing your site for search engines.

The first thing I like to do when researching keywords is to use Google’s keyword planner.

Note, that when it says competition is “High” that just means there is a lot of demand for people buying those ads.

Don’t just write for things you think are interesting.  You need to produce content that people are actively searching for in your business.

For instance, if you owned an outdoor apparel store you wouldn’t want to just rank for ski equipment or gloves.

The terms—”ski equipment” and “gloves”—aren’t very descriptive. You might not be able to get a focused understanding of what the user is searching for.

But the long-tail keywords are valuable. Someone searching for “men’s red Burton Gore-Tex ski gloves” is looking for a specific product.

With a few additional variables, you can create and deliver precisely the kind of content the user is seeking:

  • Buy men’s red Burton ski gloves
  • Compare men’s red Burton ski gloves
  • Research men’s red Burton ski gloves
  • men’s red Burton ski gloves features
  • men’s red Burton ski gloves accessories

If you can figure out the long-tail intent—and it’s not that difficult—you can masterfully craft content that will match that intent. As a result, your content will quickly rise to the first page.


Craft A Unique Headline

According to The Science Post, 90% of people don’t read past the headline.

This means you need to really nail the headline so you can grab attention

There are tons of good copywriting books on just writing headlines.

However, I have two strategies for writing copy that have never let me down.


Strategy 1: Use Google Ads

Major companies invest millions of dollars in google ads constantly testing different headlines and which ones get the most clicks.  You can benefit from this research and simply copy the headlines they are using in their ads.

I always do this when writing for e-commerce companies and the results have never let me down.  Direct-response copywriting is a time-tested technique that is extremely compelling to website owners wanting to make a positive ROI without a significant investment.

Strategy 2: Steal from Amazon

One of my weird hobbies is reading Amazon reviews.  It’s truly fascinating for several reasons.  However, for writing headlines and creating content it’s a gold-mine that very few people utilize.

In Amazon reviews you see EXACTLY what the buyer was wanting IN THEIR OWN WORDS.  If they are disappointed they tell you exactly why they were disappointed IN THEIR OWN WORDS.  It’s really a copywriters dream.

The most significant thing you can steal is the most up-voted reviews.

Strategy 3: Use Formulas

I also like using formulas which always seem to do well.

The most basic formula I use is this:

[End result they want] + [Time period] + [Address the objections]


  • [How to make amazing sushi] + [In 10 minutes] + [For under 5 bucks]
  • [Make a website] + [By tonight] + [With zero experience]
  • [Grow your email list] + [This month] + [Without paying for advertising]

You can also reverse these around and be more direct with this formula:

[Take this action] + [Specific Time Period] + [End Result]


  • [Consult with me] + [For 1 hour] + [And I’ll improve your SEO Ranking]
  • [Talk to just 3 of your customers] + [For 5 minutes] + [To laser-target your sales pitch]
  • [Put this liquid in your cast iron skillet] + [Wait 1 hour] + [And you’ll never have to clean it again]


Produce A lot of Content

Produce, Produce, Produce

Articles that rank high in Google typically have over 2,000 words and have internal and external links as well as pictures and videos.

If you want to consistently rank high in Google you have to be dedicated to produce very high-quality content on a consistent basis.



I’m obviously not going to tell you that you will rank number 1 in Google for a term like “credit cards.”  However, I can tell you that you can rank for very specific terms that your customers care about.

If you want a more in-depth analysis of your site and how you can ultimately get more traffic to your site contact us at Spectruss by phone or email.


[email protected]



Website Launched – CityScope Food and Drink

This week here at Spectruss, the popular local magazine CityScope gets an online face-lift for their “Food and Drink” magazine. CityScope is a Chattanooga-based magazine with many annual and seasonal magazine releases to multiple scenes around the local area, including:  Football, Business, Home & Design, Health, to name a few.

With the launch of the new website through Spectruss, the team at CityScope now has easy control of their front-end website appearance through a personalized WordPress back-end. This is the first website rollout for what will be several websites to embody their brand. The new website features a content management system that will allow CityScope to plug in their own content and take control of what appears on the website.

Spectruss is now beginning development on the “Moth Ball by CityScope” website, which is a great benefit event put on by CityScope and the women of Chattanooga. With that underway, Spectruss is excited to add another great website to the Chattanooga website design community.

For a firsthand look at the new site, head over to:


Spectruss Lead Designer Justin Aragon Interview

This week we highlight lead designer of Spectruss, Justin Aragon. In this interview, we learn about his design aesthetic to his personal web design treasures!


What is your greatest strength when it comes to designing website layouts?

When it comes to designing website layouts, you have to think of who you’re designing it for first. Listening to the client’s vision is a major strength to have and being able to translate an abstract idea to visual communication. Every web design project we work on is custom designed for each client. From the navigation, sizing, text placement, typography, photography, video, film, graphic elements, animations… etc., everything is designed accordingly to best represent who the client is. It is also important for me as a designer to produce unique designs every time. It keeps me creative, playful, push envelopes and maybe raise some eyebrows too!


Do you create all the components to the website? (icons, imagery, art)

Yes! I’m very observant… which every designer should be. I look at websites every day. My eyes recognize when certain graphic elements or iconography have been used before in multiple projects by different agencies. Even when I’m driving around the city, it frustrates me when I see the same topography and icons on billboards and posters here in Chattanooga. I like to give our clients designs that they can only call their own. I have Illustrator files that scroll forever full of custom-designed graphics that I consider one of my prized possessions.


When working on a project, what is your average turnaround for completion?

Every project has a different timeline, so it’s difficult to give a specific number. It also varies on what kind of project it is. We’ve worked long term with clients on fully functioning custom-designed websites, to as short as two weeks, to twenty-four hours! The average would probably be around three to four weeks. Ideally, we like to have a week for the design phase, another week for edits, and go to the programming phase on the final week.


What part does branding and brand identity play in your creative process?

Branding is everything! Branding dictates the overall direction of how to represent your clients. Branding a new company is probably the most creative part of being in this business. We’ve worked with several local clients here in Chattanooga, and it feels really great when people recognize your work just by looking at a signage, logo, and visiting a website. When I moved back to Chattanooga from Architecture School in 2011, there was a growing population in the creative community… which was awesome! But I also noticed that everyone was producing very similar trendy designs. Trends can only last until there is a new one. I’m a huge fan of timeless design that remain significant over years and years. I always keep in mind when designing a logo or any kind of branding that the overall visual appeal would become an instant classic and does not come with an expiration date.


Do you favor the idea of working with a company to focus their branding and improve upon it before beginning the website process?

When clients come to us, they are either looking to start from the beginning or unhappy with their current appeal. It is always good to suggest improving certain elements of their brand before further producing major work. When we work with a company that already has their branding established, it is our job to use what they currently have and build the rest of their Identity effectively. Limits can be great. It can be your friend sometimes. When I was studying architecture, I hated working around building codes, but you’ll realize how efficient your designs become. It’s the same with any type of design. You have to be able to work within certain parameters.


How would you best describe your design style? (modern, vintage, etc.)

Like I hate labeling my relationships, I don’t necessarily put a stamp on my forehead and say I only have one specific style. I guess I can answer the question in two parts:

Being in the creative industry, you have to be able to tackle different styles. For web design, it is always important to be cutting edge. Since websites are now the new storefronts, you always want your appeal to be fresh and interesting regardless of style, because you are one click away from the x button. If “Advanced” is a style, I would say as a company that we integrate design with the most current technology in our work.

In my personal time, I still do a lot of designing. I’ve been working on conceptual furniture, playing around with new silhouettes for men’s fashion, and currently building ideas for the Millennial House. I could describe my personal aesthetic as modern minimal. I like simple bold statements, solid contrasting gray tones, and honesty of materiality. When you’ve been working all day with information overload on client projects, it’s nice to come home to clean lines, smooth surfaces and pure simplicity because it will always be beautiful. A very small hint of my personal style can be seen in my professional work, but I always make sure that the work remains egoless and not about me.