Website Launch : TechTown, Innovation for Education

Spectruss is excited to launch TechTown’s new website this week! TechTown had a very successful Summer at their newly built location in Downtown Chattanooga and decided it was time to update their website design. The new website will open with a full screen, eye-catching video, made by Creative Insomniac. From their, the visitor will be able to scroll into the website and take a virtual tour, purchase passes, or fill out a registration form for their child.

Techtown wanted an easy-to-use interface for managing content, products, and forms on their website. So, Spectruss developed the website on a custom built WordPress platform, allowing them to manage all aspects of their web presence.

With fall camps coming up soon for Techtown, the timeline for this project was very tight. In fact, Spectruss designed and developed the responsive website in two and a half weeks. Not bad for a fully customized, e-commerce website!

The new website is set to launch this week, so be sure to check it out!

Spectruss is passionate about education. We are always interested in working with innovative institutions that can help bring the skills we rely on to the youth of Chattanooga, Atlanta, the southeast  or the nation for that matter. TechTown is a fantastic institute and working not her project was a real treat for us.

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