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Spectruss Virtual
Chief Marketing Officer


The vCMO, Virtual Chief Marketing Officer, service helps those companies who are looking to grow and need guidance with their marketing and advertising departments.


  • Build your in-house marketing team
  • Build systems and structure for a more stable in-house marketing team
  • Execute market research and data analysis to build a strategy for your team
  • Audit your current marketing and ad department for increasing efficiency
  • Strategize and plan your monthly, quarterly or yearly campaigns on an as-needed basis


What makes Spectruss Virtual CMO so unique is that we can either act as a consultant only, or if needed, we can help fulfill marketing and advertising services until the client can build out their in-house team. This flexibility allows your company to avoid unnecessary exposure, while still making calculated advancements in your marketing and advertising strategy.

We start every Virtual CMO project with an in-depth discovery meeting to identify your upcoming goals, examine current pain points, strategize for upcoming milestones and set the best metrics for determining success throughout the project.

Depending on the needs of the client, Spectruss can continue working as their Virtual CMO on an as-needed basis, or if the client needs help fulfilling certain marketing and advertising tasks along the way, Spectruss is glad to offer help by bidding on “a la carte” projects. For those clients that need long term support with marketing and advertising services, Spectruss MD is a great choice for filling in the gaps in your current marketing department.

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At the conclusion of each project, Spectruss will present their report that includes all findings during the discovery phase, plus documentation on any other goals and strategies that were requested by the client. If additional marketing and advertising support is needed, the client has the option to continue working with Spectruss at their desired level of commitment.

Where We Are

Spectruss has offices in Atlanta, GA and Chattanooga, TN, but our work can be performed anywhere via video conference. If an in-person meeting is necessary, no problem, but an extra cost may be associated for out-of-town travel.


National AVG Salary

Chief Marketing Officer: $250,260

National AVG Salary

Marketing Director: $150,151

Considering the national average salary for a Chief Marketing Officer and Marketing Director, the Spectruss Virtual CMO service saves your company significant exposure while still offering you the services needed to build and/or manage your in-house marketing department.

Spectruss Virtual CMO can be purchased at an hourly rate, as needed, for consulting, or as a monthly package for project based work.

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