What it looks like working with an

Agency of Record


The typical Agency of Record model worked great until the agencies refused to grow with the demand for digital marketing and advertising. This meant that the typical AOR was outsourcing all of their technical deliverables such as PPC, Programming, Email Campaigns, Data and Analytics, Video / Photo, Social Management, Design, and PR. This not only costs your company more money due to additional mark-up but also weakens your brand identity due to the lack of consistency.


What it looks like hiring in house

team of specialists


A lot of companies have moved to the model of hiring multiple specialist vendors that supply everything directly to them. This was mainly done because the old school AOR became an unnecessary middle man that was too greedy. In a lot of ways this makes sense, however, there are still flaws with this system. With the additional 3rd party vendors communicating directly with your business, you have to staff full-time employees to direct and manage each of these vendors. On top of that, each vendor will have a margin that is higher due to them only working on one small part of the business. The most important flaw is the lack of consistency in brand identity. With too many chefs in the kitchen, the brand weakens and time to live is dramatically slower.