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About Us

As a full-service creative agency, we have distinguished ourselves by creating beautiful and cutting edge work, fueled by market research and data analysis, that produces a guaranteed return for our customers.

At the heart of Spectruss are creative minds that think beyond the status quo to build and execute full-service marketing campaigns so your brand can experience the taste of preeminence.

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Our Services


Brand Identity

We build “smashable” brands. The term “smashable” formulated in 1915 when a Coca-Cola bottle was smashed against a wall and it was still recognized by consumers. Our creative team carried on this tradition to design instantly identifiable brands.


Paid Media

Maybe it's just us, but we think it’s much cooler to add new moves to our paid media playbook so we can stay ahead of the curve. For there is no change, there is no progress. That’s why we invest in more useful, high-quality content that consumers actually want to see and engage with.


Web Design

A website is not only a reflection of your brand, but it also is the powerhouse for generating all your lead conversions. We provide the tools and knowledge to design and build the sharpest tool in the shed.



We’re not going to lie, building an e-commerce platform can be risky, like bangs trying to make a comeback. Sounds frightening. However, with over 10+ years experience in custom web development, we are always prepared for the unexpected. Our team is constantly finding unique ways of attracting customers to help you build your online business.


Video / Photo

Lighten up and stop being boring. Audiences want to laugh, be enlightened, and leave reality behind at every chance they get. The best, kick-ass way to do that is through our video marketing services. It’s central to all our outreach and campaign efforts … especially our social strategy.


Digital Marketing

Out with the old, in with the new. As a team comprised of Generation Z and Millennials. We eat, breathe, and sleep digital marketing. We love reviewing innovations in digital media, technology, and data to see “what’s hot” for digital disruption.


Public Relations

Think of public relations as a tune-up for your car. It might run fine, but after a tune-up, you’ll notice more umph and your engine running more smoothly. Our PR team helps businesses the exact same way, by hyping up your brand’s reputation so the competition is left in the dust.



Before you assume that a traditional, in-house CMO is the only one for the job, think again. To sum it up, our virtual CMO services save you time, resources, headaches, and money. Think of us as your marketing gurus. You’re welcome.

From Our Clients

Pierre Dabit


Giorgio Men's Warehouse
Giorgio Men's Warehouse

“What I love about Spectruss is their goal of creating a long term business relationship, their desire to help your business thrive, and their creativity to help make your business stand out.”

Anne Najjar

Principal, Commercial Real Estate Advisor

Prestige Property Brokers
Prestige Property Brokers

“Web design, logo design, etc has always been excellent and we've had tons of compliments on our site and graphics. Everyone has always been helpful though when we request help or need assistance with something so overall Spectruss is doing a good job.”

Jared Powel


Insane Paintball
Insane Paintball

“The Spectruss team has been a pleasure to work with. Our marketing material looks better than we could have imagined. The branding that Spectruss developed for our project has perfectly captured our vision.”

Anna Humphries

VP of Operations

Infill Communities
Infill Communities

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