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We love Chattanooga, and we love helping Chattanooga businesses grow.

For over twelve years, Spectruss has been working with small to mid-size businesses in and around Chattanooga, TN. We understand and know that our services have to make your business more money, otherwise, you shouldn’t pay. If you’re looking to increase your leads, better nurture your customers, improve your online reputation, grow your digital presence and have the analytics to prove what works, you’ve come to the right place.


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get more customers

We have built a set of services that help businesses get more customers, including, custom built websites optimized to convert, search engine optimization, lead management for closing deals, content creation, database reactivation and advertising management across multiple platforms.

return higher in search engines

Increase your website's visibility with our search engine optimization strategies. We fine-tune your online content and structure to ensure you rank higher in search results, making it easier for potential customers to find and engage with your business.

manage your advertising

Our team of professionals can help manage all of your advertising. From Facebook & Instagram Ads, to Google Pay-Per-Click, YouTube and even traditional advertising such as billboards and print ads.

better nurture your leads

Enhance your relationship with potential clients through our lead nurturing systems. Our system will help you foster connections, keep your prospects engaged, and guide them smoothly along their customer journey, ensuring no opportunities slip through the cracks.

manage your online reputation

Protect your brand's image with our online reputation management services. We'll help you request, monitor, and address reviews while positively shape what's being said about your business online, ensuring you make the best impression on your audience.

track your results

Our clients get weekly updates from their account manager, 24/7 access to their analytics dashboard and monthly zoom meetings to review analytics and plan their next campaign together as a team.

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marketing with one objective, growing sales

If your marketing efforts aren’t bringing more customers and driving revenue, it’s time to work with a marketing partner who focuses on what matters to your business, making sales.

Let’s take 30 minutes and talk through what’s holding your business back from growing and how we can change that. During that call you’ll also receive a Free Digital Marketing Audit report showing you exactly how you rank against your competitors.

SPECTRUSS upped our quality, upped our look, and upped our game overall in general.

They will take your brand and elevate it to the next level.

You will not be disappointed!

Spectruss is a creative crew, it’s a fun crew, it’s a crew that got the culture of what we are after and I can’t recommend them highly enough.


We focus on the services that drive growth and bring a return on investment. No vanity metrics. No bullshit.
Content marketing - Spectruss

content marketing

Content marketing is where we provide value to your customers, giving them information, guides and the extra value that differentiates your business from the competition.


digital advertising

The fastest, most cost-effective method for driving new customers to your business. Be seen on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and more.


SEO lead generation

There is no such thing as building it, and they will come. SEO is an integral part of ensuring that your business is what they find when customers go looking.


Spectruss CRM

Every interaction with your customers counts. Spectruss offers a CRM solution tailored to your unique business needs.


web design

Your digital storefront (even if you’re not selling online) and the first place most customers will go when deciding on your value.


website management

Keep your website up to date and make quick fixes to your site. Make sure all components are working properly and get the most return from your website.


we'll put our results up against anyone

The story of Spectruss is one of client success, and we've got the numbers to prove it.



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Video Campaign


increase in online sales

4-Day Digital Advertising
and Email Marketing


increase in google search

After 1 Year
Working with

you can't be everything to everyone

A focus on the industries where we have deep experience and know we can drive results.

working together in every way

Cash flow is critical for every business. That’s why we offer flexible payment plans and financing to all our clients.

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all it takes is a call

Let’s take 30 minutes and talk through what’s holding your business back from growing and how we can change that.


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