one store.
one name. One Company.

The challenge

After a year of working with The Furniture Shoppe and The Patio Shop, we encountered multiple challenges in operating a single store with two names. We wanted to consolidate and strengthen the brand as one to eliminate confusion from a consumer’s point of view as well as reduce monthly costs for our client by spending marketing dollars more efficiently.


The Spectruss team worked on a pitch to rebrand The Furniture Shoppe and The Patio Shop back to its original roots as one store, Fowler Brothers Company. We began by diving deep into the company’s 135-year-long history to commemorate its past and modernize the brand for today.

One of the challenges we faced was the physical store’s lack of presence at its own campus. Our goal was to unify the store as one showroom for both home furnishings and patio furniture. We began reimagining the exterior design of the campus to create an eye-catching storefront that passersby wouldn’t miss.

Paying respect to the history of the family-owned business, we designed a new logo that reflects the vision of the founders that long-time patrons would also recognize.

Our team also gave Fowler Brothers Co. a brand new digital experience by developing a new website, an
e-commerce store, and a unified social media account. This resulted in one simple way of identifying the brand through all channels.

The new website features interactive pages which allows customers to select their ideal style choices and rooms they wish to furnish for a customized interior design recommendation. We are also utilizing new, innovative ways to connect with people through social media to further grow the Fowler Brothers brand.

We worked very closely with the president of Fowler Brothers Company, Carter Fowler, with choosing every detail for the remodeling project from interior finishes to price tag designs, and everything their name would be on. Our goal of giving Fowler Brothers Co. Home and Patio “One name, One store, One company”, has been a total success and one of the most exciting projects we’ve been a part of.

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