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We focus on the services that drive growth and bring a return on investment. No vanity metrics.

digital advertising

The fastest, most cost-effective method for driving new customers to your business. Be seen on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and more.

Content marketing - Spectruss

content marketing

Content marketing is where we provide value to your customers, giving them information, guides and the extra value that differentiates your business from the competition.


SEO lead generation

There is no such thing as building it, and they will come. SEO is an integral part of ensuring that your business is what they find when customers go looking.


Spectruss CRM

Every interaction with your customers counts. Spectruss offers a CRM solution tailored to your unique business needs.


web design

Your digital storefront (even if you’re not selling online) and the first place most customers will go when deciding on your value.


website management

Keep your website up to date and make quick fixes to your site. Make sure all components are working properly and get the most return from your website.


problems we solve

get more leads

With our specialized digital advertising services, we amplify your online presence, targeting the right audience for your business. This ensures that you not only increase visibility but also attract quality leads, paving the way for more potential customers and growth.

better nurture your leads

Enhance your relationship with potential clients through our lead nurturing systems. Our system will help you foster connections, keep your prospects engaged, and guide them smoothly along their customer journey, ensuring no opportunities slip through the cracks.

manage your online reputation

Protect your brand's image with our online reputation management services. We'll help you request, monitor, and address reviews while positively shape what's being said about your business online, ensuring you make the best impression on your audience.

return higher in search engines

Increase your website's visibility with our search engine optimization strategies. We fine-tune your online content and structure to ensure you rank higher on search results, making it easier for potential customers to find and engage with your business.

manage your leads

Streamline your lead management with our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) services. We provide tools and strategies that help you efficiently track, organize, and engage with your leads, ensuring you never miss an opportunity and can tailor your approach to each potential customer.

track your results

Gain clarity on your performance with our comprehensive tracking solutions. We provide insights and analytics that allow you to measure your success, understand your audience better, and refine your strategies for even greater outcomes.

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“Spectruss helped us reach our highest gross sales and largest profit margin in the 135 year history of the company!”

Carter Fowler
Fowler Brothers Co. Home & Patio

the spectruss method

Some view marketing as an opportunity to nag. Others as a race to the bottom with discounts and promotions. The worst in our industry view customers as idiots. At Spectruss, marketing is about providing value, respecting the customer and telling great stories.

Identify your ideal customer and go to them

Just because digital marketing allows us to reach the world doesn't mean we should. So we'll work with you to identify the people most likely to buy, and we'll go to where they are.

Build trust and rapport

It is easier to sell anyone anything when they know and trust you. By building relationships with your customers, you engage them for the long term, drive higher sales and make them a part of your mission.

Introduce a personality and unique story

If you do what everyone else does, you get what everyone else gets. So stand apart from your competitors and show your customers who you are and what makes you different, give them something to remember.


We do not believe in a world where you don't test and measure everything. Marketing, like business, needs to be ruthless. Cutting what isn't performing and doubling down on what is, learning from your mistakes and using data to inform decisions.