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A whopping 55% of consumers learn about new brands on social media. Are you using the major social media platforms to attract buyers?

With nearly four billion users across the top platforms, social media needs to be a part of your marketing toolkit. This is where customers spend their time. To be successful, you've got to be there too.

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you’re just a post away from hitting your target audience

95 minutes a day.

That’s the average amount of time people over 18 spend on social media every day.

That’s a massive, captive audience waiting to hear about you and your business.

Are you posting content for these people to consume?

Are you listening for people who have questions you can answer or problems you can solve?

If you’re not, we can almost guarantee your competition is.

why you need to be on social media

While so much of the talk about social media is around going viral and hitting home runs, the real key to social media is being present.

Demonstrating to customers that you care enough to put time into where they’re spending time.

Being accessible when they have questions and issues, on the platforms they choose, not where you decide they need to go.

Providing value, telling stories, and being present. This is the key to good social media management.

how we’ll work together

Discovery: All of our projects start with discovery so we can understand the goals of the client, and align out strategy with their goals.

Content Strategy: Working with the client, we will establish a strategy for routinely capturing content.

Content Calendar: Each month the Spectruss team will present their content calendar for the upcoming month.

Monthly Analytics: At the end of each month, the client will receive analytics from each social platform showing the success of their campaigns.

client success

“Spectruss is a creative crew, it’s a fun crew, it’s a crew that got the culture of what we are after and I can’t recommend them highly enough.”


Festival Director
Lookout Wild Film Festival

“Spectruss upped our quality, upped our look, and upped our game overall in general.”


President | Owner
Fowler Brother’s Company Home & Patio

“Spectruss will take your brand and elevate it to the next level You will not be disappointed.”


Triple Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon
Sturm Cosmetic Surgery


Social media management can mean many things, depending on how much engagement you're interested in driving. Here are some of our sample packages and the components involved.
starting at $2,500
* Starting Price Begins with one Conversion Driven Landing Page
  • Manage all of Your Social Accounts
  • Increase Engagements
  • Support for Facebook, TikTok Instagram, Linkedln, Snapchat
  • Monthly Reports from each Platform
Spectruss offers payment plans and financing options

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Q. What social media platforms do I need to be on?

A. At a minimum, Facebook and Instagram, but depending on the demographics of your customers, that list can grow to include Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and others.

Q. Can I reuse content from one platform on another?

A. This is part of the strategy we suggest to our clients. Create once, use as many times and in as many places as possible.

Q. What about TikTok? I've heard it's huge?

A. For the right audience, TikTok can be an invaluable platform for getting your products and services in front of customers.

Q. How much can I expect my accounts to grow?

A. That's a tricky question to answer. For some accounts, growth can be massive. For others, there isn't a huge audience out there, and we'd encourage you to focus on overall engagement instead.

Q. Which is the best social media platform?

A. Again, it depends on your audience. Facebook is by far the largest, but TikTok has had the most growth over the past two years. With the right content, YouTube can drive significant returns.

If you’d like to discuss social media management in more detail or have questions, we’re here to help. Tap or click the I want more information button to drop us a line.


eleven social media terms you need to know


Analytics is data that enables you to track the performance of your social media content. Pageviews, time on page, clickthrough rate, and engagement rate are examples of analytical data.

Clickthrough Rate

The clickthrough rate is a common social media metric that represents the number of times a visitor clicks through divided by the total number of impressions received by a piece of content.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate, which is the percentage of people who completed an intended action, is a common metric tracked in social media (i.e. filling out a form, following a social account, etc.).


A hashtag is a word or phrase that is used to annotate a message on numerous social media platforms. A hashtag is a word or phrase that is preceded by the letter "#" (for instance, #InboundMarketing). Hashtags are used by social media platforms to organize information and make it more searchable for users.


A meme is a term used to describe a widely shared thought, idea, joke, or concept. It is usually an image with text above and below it, but it can also be a video or a link. The "I Can Has Cheezburger?" cat meme, for example, has spawned an entire website dedicated to memes.

Social Selling

Social Selling is a sales concept in which representatives use the power of social communication to engage with prospects by answering questions, providing helpful content, clarifying information, and so on.


A viral event occurs when a piece of content (youtube video, blog article, photo, etc.) becomes widely popular. The spread of viral content is heavily reliant on word of mouth and the frequent sharing of a single piece of content across the internet.

Engagement Rate

Engagement rate is a popular social media metric that describes how much interaction a piece of content receives (likes, shares, comments).


In the context of social media, a follower is someone who subscribes to your account to receive your updates.


Many social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, provide insights pages to business account holders. These pages frequently provide users with valuable analytics about their page and how it compares to similar pages.


A content mashup combines various media types from previously existing sources to create a new work. Individuals or businesses can use digital mashups to create unique pieces of content by combining multiple online content sources.

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