63% of all shopping begins online, even if the purchase happens in a store. When potential customers search for what you offer, does your business come up in Google?

An SEO strategy is a series of steps and actions we take to get your business higher on the page of results when people search on Google. The higher the listing, the more traffic is sent to your website.


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we're all at the mercy of Google search results

The first five Google search results take 70% of the traffic.

That’s nearly three-quarters of every visit to every website, dominated by a small selection of businesses.

If you’re not putting in the effort to display near the top of the search listings for at least a handful of SEO keywords, you’re simply not going to exist in the eyes of Google.

And if you don’t exist to Google, you don’t exist.

an SEO strategy is essential to driving website traffic

Here’s the good news.

With a quality SEO strategy involving smart SEO copywriting and link-building, we can raise the rankings of almost every website.

While it isn’t an overnight process, the sooner we demonstrate to Google that your business is a quality, trusted information resource, the sooner your rankings improve.

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how we’ll work together

Discovery: All of our projects begin with a client discovery session to align their goals with our strategy.

Programmatic Updates: Our team will evaluate your current website and make sure all programmatic SEO data is in place. If not, we will give you an estimate for updating all current pages and content to be optimized for search engines.

Budget Planning: With SEO, the client budget is an integral part of determining our strategy and timeline for increasing organic search results. Based on the client budget and goals, our team will begin creating and distributing content to drive SEO.

Analytics: At the end of each month, the client will receive analytics on the SEO work that has been performed, and the effect it is having.

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Content marketing, like SEO, isn't something that works overnight. First, we need a strategy. Who are we talking to, and what content will appeal to that audience. Then, we'll map out what form that content should take and how many pieces we'll need to start attracting an audience.
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  • SEO Copywriting
  • Content Distribution for SEO
  • Link Building
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Q. What does SEO stand for?

A. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It's getting your site set up in the best way to be found by Google (and the other search engines).

Q. Can any website be improved by SEO?

A. Every website can benefit from an SEO audit and SEO improvements. Even those ranking high in the search results can be optimized to rank for more search terms.

Q. How soon will I see results from my SEO efforts?

A. We often see results in the 60-90 day range, but depending on the state of your current site, some improvements can be seen within the first few weeks.

Q. Can I get to the top result on Google?

A. It depends on your products or service, the level of competition out there and how well your competitors are doing in their SEO efforts. The good news is that you don't need to be number one. However, being in the top five results will get traffic listed are the majority of sites we support, however, we have worked with dozens of platforms over the last 10+ years, so we’re happy to review the platform your website is on and let you know if we can offer support or not.

Q. If I improve my SEO, do I still need to run ads?

A. We would encourage you to. A well-optimized (for SEO) website and ads are the perfect one-two punch for driving lots of new business.

If you’d like to discuss SEO in more detail or have questions, we’re here to help. Tap or click the I want more information button to drop us a line.


12 SEO terms you need to know

ALT Text/Alt Attribute

A description of an image in the HTML of your website. Search engines, unlike humans, only read the ALT text of images, not the images themselves. When possible, include ALT text in images.

Anchor Text

The actual text of a web page link. This text is usually dark blue and underlined on most websites, or purple if you've previously visited the link. The anchor text describes what you will see if you click through, which helps search engines understand what the destination page is about.


The authority of all websites are determined by the algorithm of the search engines.

Canonical URL

The canonical URL is the best address for a user to find information. There may be times when the same page content can be accessed from multiple addresses. Specifying the canonical URL assists search engines in determining which address for a piece of content is best.

Native Marketing

A type of online advertising takes on the appearance and functionality of the platform on which it appears. Its goal is to make advertisements feel less like advertisements and more like a part of the conversation. It is usually a piece of sponsored content that is relevant to the consumer experience, isn't intrusive, and looks and feels like it belongs in the same editorial environment.

Cost-per-lead (CPL)

The cost of acquiring a lead for your organization. This has a significant impact on CAC (customer acquisition cost) and is a metric marketers should pay close attention to.


Search engines use indexing to analyze the content of website and catalog files.


When a search engine removes a website or webpage from its search results, this is referred to as de-indexing.


A word that a user types into a search engine. Each web page on your site should be optimized to attract visitors who have searched for specific keywords.

Keyword Difficulty

The level of competition for a keyword and the difficulty in ranking for it.

Link Building

The activity and process of increasing the number of inbound links to your website in order to improve your search engine rankings.

Link Juice

The value or authority gained by a website when it receives a backlink from another high-authority website.

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