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81% of consumers conduct online research before buying. Does your website give potential customers everything they need to choose your business?

Excellent website design is about more than looks. It’s about the content, what customers can accomplish and how well your site positions you against the competition.

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Whether on their phones or a computer, customers are doing research online before ever visiting your physical location.

What story are you telling these potential customers?

Are they getting everything they need?

Are you enticing them to come and buy what you’re selling?

Do you feel like you’re putting your best foot forward?

why is it important?

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Your online presence is your calling card, the way most customers will find out you exist.

75% of consumers admit to making judgments on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design.

Your website design has to stand out, and it has to be professional.

how we’ll work together

Discovery & Research – All of our projects start with a client discovery and research to identify goals and establish a strategy for the project.

Design – After we establish our strategy, our team begins designing the look of your new website in Photoshop so we can easily make changes.

Programming – Once the design has been finalized, our programmers begin developing your responsive website for all screen sizes.

Review – Your site will be developed in a staging environment so we can test and review your new site before we go live.

Launch – After thorough testing, it’s time to launch your new site and begin driving traffic with digital marketing.

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“Spectruss is a creative crew, it’s a fun crew, it’s a crew that got the culture of what we are after and I can’t recommend them highly enough.”


Festival Director
Lookout Wild Film Festival

“Spectruss upped our quality, upped our look, and upped our game overall in gen


President | Owner
Fowler Brother’s Company Hone & Patio

“Spectruss will take your brand and elevate it to the next level You will not be disappointed.”


Triple Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon
Sturm Cosmetic Surgery


The best website design agency is the one that mixes top-quality work with prices that don’t break the bank.
starting at $5,000
* Starting Price Begins with one Conversion Driven Landing Page
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Website Development
  • E-Commerce
  • Landing Pages
  • SEO
  • Custom Integrations
  • Google Analytics
  • Web Training
Spectruss offers payment plans and financing options

presentational sites

A website focused on informing and educating your clients and driving them to visit your physical location, send you an email, or get on the phone.

booking sites

Best suited for any business that wants to book and manage appointments on their website. (doctors, dentists, hairstylists, nail bars, etc.).

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Q. How long does a website usually take?

A. Depending on the package and complexity of the website, anywhere from 3-6 weeks.

Q. Will you update my site for me once it's completed?

A. We do offer ongoing support and maintenance packages.

Q. Do you write blog posts?

A. We can certainly talk about creating blog content for your site.

Q. Where will my site be hosted?

A. We have preferred hosting partners that we work with.

Q. I've never had a website. Can you help me buy a domain name?

A. Absolutely. We can work with you on options and find out what is available.

Q. Can I manage my site once it's live?

A. Once completed, it's your site. You will have all the details about how to access it and total control over what happens to it.

If you’d like to discuss a new website in more detail or have questions, we’re here to help. Tap or click the I want more information button to drop us a line.


10 web design terms you need to know


A piece of code is used to distinguish the look and feel of a website from the actual content of a web page.


The computer language used to display web content such as text, images, and links.

Call to Action (CTA)

A specific text, image, banner, or button that uses action-oriented language to compel a website visitor to take action. CTAs are intended to move visitors from one page to the next and persuade them to take action. (For example, Download a Whitepaper, Register for a Webinar, Contact Us, Learn More)

CMS (Content Management System)

A software system for editing the content on your website that allows you to access the "back end" of your website and make changes to the text and images. A CMS is intended to make it easier to publish website content without requiring technical coding knowledge.


When a user performs a specific desired action in the context of online marketing and lead generation, completing a web form, submitting a request for information, subscribing to a newsletter, or making an e-commerce purchase are examples of this.

Information Architecture (IA)

A website's information blueprint and navigation. It usually includes a site map, wireframes (see definition) for each page, and any necessary notations about its navigation, content, and features.

Responsive Design

A website that adjusts to the screen size, whether desktop, mobile, or tablet. The device's resolution on which the website is displayed is determined, and everything on the page is adjusted to fit the screen.

User experience (UX)

A user's interaction with a website. The user experience is generally defined in wireframes from a planning standpoint. Still, every aspect of the web design and development process from wireframing and copywriting to design and programming affects the user experience.


A wireframe is a visual guide that shows the structure and content of a web page but does not include any design elements. This allows you to concentrate on the layout and hierarchy of the content without being distracted by design.

Site Map

A site map is a document that depicts the hierarchical structure of a website's pages and content. This is typically one of the first steps in a website redesign, as it is critical to understand what content is required on a website before designing it.

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