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The challenge

Hutton & Smith came to us at the beginning of the craft beer revolution with a new recipe and a dream of opening a brewery. Working as geologists from Las Vegas, the owners moved to Chattanooga, TN, and fell in love with the city’s close proximity to rock climbing and various outdoor activities. As residents of the city, we worked with Hutton & Smith to build and position their brand that blends their love of brewing beer and rocks!


We tackled the project by examining the concept of beer meets rocks. Hutton & Smith was named after the “Father of Modern Geology,” James Hutton and “Father of English Geology,” William Strata Smith. The brand identity emerged by commemorating the two geologists, referencing a historic old-world appeal, combined with rock climbing elements and a touch of modern.

The Hutton & Smith logo and beer were quickly embraced by Chattanooga’s rock-loving enthusiasts since it’s release in 2014. Merchandise was seen and worn all over the city and the brand set a high standard for other microbreweries to follow.

Finding the perfect location for the brewery was the second phase of the project. We helped position the brewery to a now thriving and energetic corridor of the city. Hutton & Smith was one of the first businesses to open in Chattanooga's MLK district and is now a sought-after destination for residents and tourists.
As the brand grew in popularity, it was time to can! The Hutton & Smith can was designed to create a void on the shelves by color blocking the skin of each beer with a solid color monochromatic can design. Walking down a noisy beer aisle, you’ll know exactly where to find Hutton & Smith!

Fast forward to 2019, Hutton & Smith moved their rank as the 16th-fastest-growing brewery in the US from their previous place as the 50th in 2017. In 2018, they took the gold medal home for their Bivouac Black IPA out of 8,000 entries from 66 countries at the World Beer Cup. Hutton and Smith has also won a silver in German-Style Maerzen for its Rocktoberfest brew and bronze in Scotch Ale for Wee Heavy Metal at the Great American Beer festival in 2019. They really are the schist!

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