Virtual CMO

Not ready to
hire a CMO?

virtual CMO:

Spectruss vCMO is for those companies who are looking to grow their business and need professionals to help build comprehensive advertising and marketing strategies. Our talented team at Spectruss will work together to develop a marketing and advertising strategy that will give you the tools you need to grow your business.

no contract,
no risk

The beauty of the Spectruss vCMO is that it limits your financial risk by allowing our services to be month to month. Typically, the Spectruss vCMO service acts as a transition for those businesses who don’t yet have the budget for a CMO, but need help building an effective marketing and advertising strategy.

how does it work?

To start, the Spectruss team will review your current business data and compare it to your potential marketplace. After that, we will research your competitors and analyze trends in your target consumers behavior. Based on the results, we will put together a strategy to help guide your business through it’s desired level of growth.

maximum return
for your investment

With Spectruss having 10+ years of diversified experience in digital and traditional advertising, we have a non-biased view towards advertising and marketing strategy. This is extremely important when building a strategy that is focused on maximizing your return on investment. Our number one goal as your Virtual CMO is to prove that our strategy makes your business more money.


  • Month to Month pricing
  • No contract
  • Saves you money compared
    to hiring full time CMO
  • Custom built marketing and
    advertising strategy based on
    market research
  • Couples well with Spectruss
    MD packages
  • Starting at $5k

High-Quality Results

With a higher focus and consistency comes a higher quality output. An outsourced vCMO will provide a network of marketing resources to provide their honest opinion on your company and ideas so they identify your strengths to meet your business goals. They will analyze what works, what needs improvement and clearly prioritize the problems needed to be solved. This includes implementing game-changing strategies, execution, and monitoring market trends. They will also be able to provide reports based on valuable tracking tools for your business. Having a dedicated vCMO to report on marketing efforts means better business decisions and accountability.