Virtual CMO

Before you assume that a traditional, in-house CMO is the only one for the job, think again. To sum it up, our virtual CMO services save you time, resources, headaches, and money. Think of us as your marketing gurus. You’re welcome.


In House

Your company is ready to take your marketing efforts to the next level. So you are thinking of hiring either a Marketing Director or CMO. Consider this though, one person can’t fulfill all your marketing needs and down the line you are either going to hire more people or outsource. This is where we come in. Partnering with a Virtual CMO (vCMO) who in contrast to the traditional CMO, can provide dynamic expertise across multiple disciplines- digital marketing, social media, analytics, tracking, and programming, just to name a few. It positions your company to collaborate with a dedicated team of marketing experts who deliver strategic marketing to reach your marketing goals, minus the premium salary. Think of it as your all-in-one staffing solution.



We develop and tailor profitable marketing strategies for our clients which includes initiatives, execution, tracking, and more. Every vCMO client is partnered with a dedicated team of marketing professionals that consists of a Marketing Strategist, Marketing Coordinator, Creative Director, Copywriter, Graphic Designer, Videographer, Photographer, Programmer, Data Analyst, and Social Media Manager.



The biggest benefit of hiring a cVMO is that your business can save an estimated savings of 20-70%, instead of hiring an in-house CMO. This is because a CMO’s average salary is $170,000, not including the additional costs of the outsourced divisions. With a vCMO, an effective, outsourced team could cost less than a third of that expense. This means you get all your marketing needs, for less.


High-Quality Results

With a higher focus and consistency comes a higher quality output. An outsourced vCMO will provide a network of marketing resources to provide their honest opinion on your company and ideas so they identify your strengths to meet your business goals. They will analyze what works, what needs improvement and clearly prioritize the problems needed to be solved. This includes implementing game-changing strategies, execution, and monitoring market trends. They will also be able to provide reports based on valuable tracking tools for your business. Having a dedicated vCMO to report on marketing efforts means better business decisions and accountability.