3 Ways of Working with Spectruss

  • How does Spectruss work with their clients? 
  • What is the preferred method to work with a full service agency? 
  • What is the best way to hire an agency? 
  • How do you pay for advertising and marketing agencies? 

We get asked these sort of questions a lot, and we know, it can get very confusing. Over the last 10+ years, we have narrowed down the ways we work with clients to three main options. 

Before we dive into these options and why we chose them, let me explain an important piece of the puzzle. Most agencies out there are specialist, meaning they focus on one area of advertising or marketing. While this seems like a good idea to those companies looking to outsource a few areas, we have seen it cause major problems in brand identity, leading to a decrease in ROI.  

That said, Spectruss has set out to change the marketing and advertising industry by providing everything in house. This comes as no easy task, but our founder Sam Silvey is stubborn and believes in his mission of building the strongest brands in the world. Having everything in house not only strengthens brand consistency and identity, it also lowers the overall cost of labor for the client, thus providing a stronger ROI. 

Now, on to those three ways that we work with our clients:

Our preferred method of working with clients is referred to as the Virtual CMO. Basically,   it’s a retainer package that rewards our clients with lower cost per hour as they commit to more hours per month. Our goal with the Virtual CMO package is to build a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients, acting as an extension of their marketing department. We not only provide all of the technical aspects of programming, videography, photography, design, content writing and digital advertising, we also act as consultants to help brain storm and build cutting edge campaigns and high-level marketing strategy. And don’t let the name confuse you, we have no dreams of eliminating the valuable position of Chief Marketing Officer, our goal is cultivate relationships, including not biting the hand that feeds you 🙂

Many new clients come to us with individual tasks that they’d like us to do. We call these a la carte services. Typically we see clients coming to us to build their new e-commerce site, help manage their digital advertising, send out monthly email campaigns, or manage social media accounts. We are always more than happy to bid on these a la carte services, but please know, at Spectruss we get really psyched on building complex strategies that provide the largest ROI for our clients. The feeling we get when we see our strategy pay off for our clients is like a drug to us. Again, we are more than happy to start small with any client, but we love the opportunity to grow as you grow. 

Finally… we arrive at campaign based projects! This is the Mad Man approach to advertising, working on a percentage of your total advertising budget for the year. You’ve heard some people refer to this as the Agency of Record, but we avoid that work like the plague due to it’s recently obtained negative connotation. In short, we will work with companies who have already identified their total advertising budget for the year, or for an individual campaign, and take a percentage of the total budget to build and execute said campaign. The one monumental thing that we do different at Spectruss as opposed to the typical Agency of Record model, is we have everything in house. If you have questions about what I mean, check out this video where I cover the flaws in the Agency of Record. 

So there you have it, the three ways that Spectruss works with their clients. To recap, we offer the Virtual CMO Package, A La Carte Services, and Campaign Based Projects. I imagine the last question you have is “how much does it cost?” So, I’ll give you a hint, it’s not free… But seriously, all of our quotes are custom for our clients, but a typical range is from $5,000 / month to $100k+ / month. And yes, we take Amex 😉

I’m sure you are ready to sign on the dotted line, but not so quick! Before we get started, let’s setup a free 30 minute strategy consultation and discovery session so we can learn more about you and your business! All you got to do is fill out the form below and we will give you a shout immediately to set up a chat. 

Awesome! We look forward to chatting with you, and ultimately, helping you build a faster, stronger, better business!

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