Agua Plus

alkaline water

The challenge

Agua Plus was launching a new campaign to feature their All-Scratch!TM technology. This feature on the label of their water bottle allows the owner to scratch their name on the label to eliminate mixing with others. The challenge was to deliver all of the components for the campaign that included a brand-new website, packaging, an Amazon store, social media campaign and overall messaging.


Our team began the process by reexamining the bottle label and making necessary adjustments to the All-Scratch!TM technology. We increased the space for the All-Scratch!TM to give more room for longer names and ideal dimensions for fingers to meet the surface to scratch.

We developed brand new packaging and artwork for all boxed quantities of the water that included new photography and die-cut design for the package. A new brochure design was also produced to promote the brand, the benefits of alkaline hydration and the All-Scratch!TM Technology.

The Agua Plus website was also redesigned to showcase the new campaign, the new messaging and packaging for the water. Our team also developed a video featuring a short tutorial about the All-Scratch!TM Technology and the benefits of their water. Our team also designed and developed Agua Plus’ Amazon store to feature the new labels with new product photography.

Content for social media was also produced to feature the new look of the bottles and lifestyle photography for the brand.

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