patrick, beard,
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patrick, beard,
schulman &
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Eliminating Obstacles
From Your Path To Success

The challenge

The law firm of Patrick, Beard, Schulman & Jacoway consists of experienced lawyers with very diverse backgrounds, ranging from business law and commercial litigation to family law, divorce, and personal injury law. PBSJ hired Spectruss to design a new online platform that would simplify its massive content library and help them stand out as a competitive law firm.


Our team developed a website for PBSJ Law that represents their experience and prestige as a top law firm. We designed the new site to look professional, personable, and approachable while reorganizing their heavy amount of information in a clear, consistent format.

To simplify PBSJ Law’s previous online user-experience, we restructured information about the firm’s area of practice in an uninterrupted manner. Each title was linked directly to the information about the service, which lawyers to contact, and how to schedule an appointment. This eliminated the number of clicks needed for potential clients to access important information on the site.
We used all original photography for PBSJ Law’s website to make it feel more personal and friendly to potential clients.

From top-notch design to content organization, our team developed a new, fully-responsive platform for PBSJ Law that offered a user-friendly experience for clients and set their firm apart from the competition.

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