It's time
For a Brewski!

The challenge

The craft beer world has been the most saturated market in the beverage industry. Brewski came to us with a brand new recipe for a beer that was inspired by hot summer days spent water skiing at the lake. So how do you position an introductory brand in an overpopulated world and stand out?


We tackled this project by diving deep into Brewski’s history and researching every beer drinker’s behavior, taste preference, and loyalty to popular brands. We also looked at Brewski’s distribution network, where the beer is being sold, and considered the residents of those areas as our target audience. We also took into consideration where the beer would fit with the younger millennial craft beer fans.

Being beverage masters since 1922, the brand already had a loyal following with other beverages from Brewski’s parent company.
Our creative team injected a touch of nostalgia to the identity of Brewski, commemorating their past to appeal with their loyal followers and a modern twist for the craft beer drinking millennials.

Demand for Brewski was in high gear upon its release, selling out on gas station shelves and grocery stores. Social media followers flooded with requests for the beer to come to their cities.

Brewski is definitely having its time!

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