cosmetic surgery


The challenge

Starting a plastic surgery practice is hard work - and growing it into a thriving business is far more difficult. Sturm Cosmetic Surgery, a plastic surgery center in Iowa, came to Spectruss as a brand new practice and needed our help to grow brand recognition to increase their client portfolio and generate revenue.


We used detailed market research, creative design, and monthly advertising campaigns to identify a specific target market for Sturm Cosmetic Surgery and kick start growth for the new office location. We positioned Sturm Cosmetic Surgery within the market to generate a substantial 380% increase in cosmetic surgeries in one month.

From the logo design to a fully-responsive website, our team handled all creative for Sturm Cosmetic Surgery to develop a memorable brand that would stand out in the crowded market.
We implemented a monthly digital marketing plan from digital ads to social media campaigns to maximize Sturm Cosmetic Surgery’s visibility over multiple different channels.

Monthly campaign management for Sturm Cosmetic Surgery grew significant brand awareness, online visibility, and foot traffic to the practice.

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