The Client

The law firm of Patrick, Beard, Schulman & Jacoway consists of experienced lawyers with very diverse backgrounds. From business law and commercial litigation to family law, divorce, and personal injury law, they can assist with a wide range of complex legal matters and a trusting relationship with their clients.


Web Design

The PBSJ law site is the third legal website from Spectruss. Using our experience in designing for law, we’ve implemented the client’s needs with our expert knowledge in design.
Designing legal sites is all about organization and keeping important information easy to read and find on the website.


The Process

We took a closer look at the existing website for PBSJ law and restructured all of its components. Bringing information to potential clients quickly and uninterrupted was the goal for displaying the firm’s area of practice. Each title tile links directly to the information about the service, which lawyers to contact, and how to schedule an appointment.


Content Design

We wanted to eliminate the number of clicks to reach the information that is needed as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Each major practice area is grouped with all the services that are offered, keeping all associated practices in one page.


Web Design

Valuable information must be accessed on the go. The PBSJ law site is designed to be fully responsive to all screen sizes.



All featured photography is original for the PBSJ site. Adding a human element to a legal site helps keep the seriousness of the matter a little bit more light hearted and friendly.