Disrupting Multi-billion Dollar Supply Chain Industry by Rethinking E-commerce: A Spectruss Case Study

One of the most robust and advanced E-Commerce Platforms in the industry




Accuserv, a national distribution company focused on providing products and services to multi-unit operators, always stays one step ahead within the supply-chain industry. The company knew they were embarking on fulfilling a vast need for large multi-unit operators as a unique supply resource, but that was not enough. They wanted to position themselves to take advantage of the latest innovations and technology to provide high-quality and price-transparent products to their growing customer base. So, they reached out to Spectruss to lend a hand. 




In 2013, Accuserv and Spectruss started a journey that would revolutionize and disrupt the entire supply-chain industry. At the time, Accuserv barely had a website, and their branding and marketing was an afterthought. Their partner list included multi-unit, Fortune 500 powerhouses such as Yum! Brands, Humana, Regions Bank, and Chick-fil-A, just to name a few. Our goals over the coming years were to take their brand identity and transform it into a cutting-edge company while building a customized E-Commerce System unique to each of Accuserv’s clients. The result: a complete disruption of the supply-chain industry.


Our Approach

Knowing the importance of identity, we started our multi-year project by updating the branding, marketing collateral, and presentational website for Accuserv. This initial project built the base for things to come while giving the sales team the tools they need to land more clients. Next on the agenda, Spectruss set their aim on developing a customized E-Commerce System that would connect with Accuserv’s NetSuite System, and give each of Accuserv’s clients a customized ordering system. Thus, changing the landscape of multiple industries.

At Spectruss, we know a brand represents more than their logo. So, our team enhanced Accuserv’s brand identity and reputation by:

Revamping their brand image

Creating a revolutionary and customized E-Commerce experience

Social media management

Seamless website design

Digital marketing


Customized E-Commerce Platform

We created one of the most robust and advanced E-Commerce platforms in the industry that allows Accuserv to assess and assimilate data while customizing the scope of services for each and every client. Now, intrinsically unique operators from healthcare to hospitality can individually access their own customized profile, on their own Accuserv website, populated with all of the products for their specific facility needs.

Our devoted custom approach focused on localization, personalization, and customer experience. We wanted Accuserv’s multiple industry clients to be wowed at its innovative and cost-efficient, streamlined E-Commerce System.

Accuserv is now able to present these benefits to their clients, positioning the company as a disruptor within the multi-billion dollar, supply-chain industry:

Customized E-Commerce shopping experience for each partner

Simple and automatic order generation for effortless fulfillment and processing

Consistent, transparent and guaranteed, competitive pricing


Social Media Management + News

Increased brand awareness by creating authentic and shareable content for Accuserv’s social media channels Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Responsive Web Design

Our professional graphic designers designed an innovative and engaging website that maximizes ease of use for Accuserv’s clients, ensuring user satisfaction and conversion increase. With extensive research and data analysis, we custom built the web pages to achieve SEO support for better search engine rankings and consistency across all mediums. Our web development plans always consist of three necessities: attract, convert, and repeat.


Email Marketing Campaigns

Effectively drafted and delivered real-value content that captivated Accuserv’s innovative supply-chain solutions that help their clients succeed. We focused the messaging on valuable and exclusive information by educating subscribers through Accuserv case studies and latest news stories. Our goal was to capture recipient’s attention and share the company’s rapidly evolving capabilities. After distribution, we carefully tracked and monitored performance metrics to improve future campaigns.




Email campaign open rate: 26% (compared to industry average of 17.7% )

Email campaign click rate: 3.4% (compared to industry average of 2.4%)



“Spectruss has played an integral part in building Accuserv to the revolutionary and disruptive supply-chain solutions company it is now. From custom built E-Commerce Systems that integrate into our NetSuite platform, to complete inbound and outbound sales funnel development, Spectruss has been there every step of the way.”

Buddy Bockweg, President – Accuserv


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