Interview with Sam Silvey – President of Spectruss

This week at Spectruss we took a moment to highlight one of its members, Sam Silvey, and look at the connection between Spectruss and one of their clients Accuserv.




Briefly describe yourself! What is your role at Spectruss.

Hi, my name is Sam Silvey and I like long walks on the beach, the sound of a well built rumbling engine, and all things technology. My attraction to technology came at an early age when I realized it was easier, and more fun, to hack into my teachers computer and change my grade than it was to study for tests. Since I had plenty of time during Saturday School (where bad kids get sent to clean the school for punishment) I was able to hone my hacking skills and make the grades I needed to squeak by. Fast forward 10-15 years and you’ll find me still playing around on computers, but without the hacking of course :). Some would call my role at Spectruss by the title of “President or CEO”, but really I’m a tech geek who loves pushing the envelope and embarking on adventures in and out of the office. Whether it be a custom designed and built e-commerce system integrated with multiple third party programs, or a year long marketing campaign to rebrand a national distribution company, my role is to develop the big ideas and make sure the project is a success.



How long has Spectruss been working with Accuserv?

Spectruss began it’s partnership with Accuserv in 2013 with the initial rebrand and launch of the Accuserv website and marketing material. Since then, we have become Accuserv’s full blown marketing partner, developing and designing all digital and print material, custom developing numerous e-commerce solutions for each of Accuserv’s massive clients, and keeping Accuserv’s brand fresh and progressive.



How do web trends influence future development?

As you probably know, web technology changes on a daily basis. Literally. With that said, there are always new bells and whistles for web design and development. As much as I love being the first to do something new, there are many variables to consider such as responsiveness, browser compatibility, and target user demographic.



Describe the technology you build for them.

We have built a pretty cool system for Accuserv and their clients, if I say so myself. Starting with a WordPress content management system, we custom built an e-commerce store using WooCommerce to allow for Accuserv to manage their own website content and products. From there we worked with a 3rd party company to connect the e-commerce store into their NetSuite system. This allows for them to push and pull real time inventory counts with their warehouse, track accounting and invoicing and manage shipping. Since Accuserv’s clients, such as Texas Roadhouse, KFC, Taco Bell, Long John Silvers and Pizza Hut, need the ability to order products quickly from each location, we built the entire system to work from any device, including your smart phone. We also gave the user the ability to take a photo of the product they are wanting to order on their phone and send it through the system for help identifying the product number.



Accuserv is a company with specific needs what things do you consider when developing for them to best communicate their brand?

Accuserv is a company that provides services to a wide array of business types and structures. With that said, we try to be as progressive as we can in design and development while keeping the UI and UX easy enough that a less tech savvy user can still be comfortable.



Brand development for Spectruss is always central to what you do, when identifying how to best develop a web presence for a brand what are the steps that you go through?

Every business has it’s own voice. Our job is to find out what voice the business has, or is trying to have, identify the target market, and then amplify the voice to the market through the appropriate avenue. That avenue could be a custom developed, interactive website, or a full blown campaign that involves video, print and digital media, and advertising. Combining our 10+ years of experience across an array of business types, direct input from the client and independent market research, we aim for perfect pitch and broadcast it to the market using our fields of expertise.



In today’s web 3.0 ideology a lot has changed sense 2.0, Spectruss is always about looking to the future so what do you believe a big part of that future will be?

One of the biggest limiting factors of the internet in the past has been the bandwidth. What use to take hours to download can now be streamed live to a wireless handheld device. Now with the speed of the internet in the palm of everyones hand, data mining has become a crucial part of our entire culture. From suggested movies and music, to purchasing habits and likes, data on each person is widely available for analyzation and computation. With that in consideration, I believe the future of the web, heading towards “web 4.0” and beyond, is actually a movement away from a “virtual web” and more into a real world integration where data could actually help us make everyday decisions before we even knew we needed a decision to be made. This, of course, borderlines artificial intelligence and opens up a whole other world of possibility… as well as the rise of the machines. But that’s a whole other interview 🙂


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