Night and Day – Spectruss Demo Reel

Spectruss Videography Demo Reel

Spectruss offers custom services not only in web design, marketing and branding – but also content creation. Brands need to create impact, they need to stand out, we love attention so we have gotten really good at making brands stand out. If you are in need of custom video for your web presence, contact us and we are happy to talk about your project. In the meantime checkout this demo reel below!

Using some left over footage from video projects over the last year, we put together a Spectruss Demo Reel titled “Night and Day”. More videos coming soon, so be sure to check back!

Night and Day from Spectruss on Vimeo.

Produced by Spectruss with combined footage from previous projects to form an “almost storyboard”.

Telling a story is essential behind the success of a brand. For each business, there is a unique story to tell – whether it is from the humble beginnings from which you began, the hardships you faced and conquered, or the idea you turned from nothing to something – these stories bring your customers into your story, they create loyalty and they create meaning. Spectruss can help you with this.

A Quick Look at the Start of Spectruss

Spectruss as we know it today started as a goal inside of a garage, by a person who understood web design, and media. It started as a demo reel of sorts, with hints of what you need, but not the full picture yet. It took time, and hard work – but so does anything that is worth creating. From that hard work, Spectruss went from a humble local web design shop, to a Chattanooga powerhouse, then expanding into Atlanta, or to Kentucky, or the entire southeast. Today it operates nationwide, but it started with a simple idea, and the desire to learn, grow and perfect.

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