Justin Aragon


Delivering his expert knowledge in creative direction to the Spectruss team, Justin brings our clients’ vision to life. With over 10 years of experience in design and graphic communication, he ensures our clients are represented at the best light through various forms of media.


Justin is an architecturally trained designer and began his interest in the arts very early in life. He has studied on three continents and has shown his award-winning work internationally. Beyond his skill in visual arts, Justin wanted to learn the highest level of design in college. This challenge earned him a fully accredited professional Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Tennessee.


During his studies, Justin took a considerable interest in the marketing and promotional side of design. Fast-forward to today, he has worked on multiple campaigns and built brand identities for various industries ranging from architecture, fashion, engineering, plastic surgery, craft beer and more.


After hours, you’ll find him out for a run, lifting heavy objects, making content for his social media influencer dog, outdoor and indoor gardening and learning the art of bonsai. Post 2020, Justin has been a part of an online community where he actively participates in growing streaming platforms for artists and developing virtual environmental gameplay.