Royal Highnies Spends Less and Makes More with Spectruss


Many years ago, Royal Highnies set out on a quest to create the perfect boxer short. Today, Royal Highnies produces luxury undergarments and loungewear for the whole family. Their products are sold by boutique retailers both online and in brick and mortar stores.


The Situation:

Digital marketing provides an opportunity for smaller companies, like Royal Highnies, to compete against larger, more established brands in the crowded retail apparel space. However, capturing buyers’ attention online can require a hefty marketing spend.

For the 2017 holiday season, Royal Highnies wanted to boost the success of its online advertising campaigns and sell more underwear that’s fun to wear. That’s where Spectruss came in.


The Spectruss Solution:

Our plan started with research. We took the time to understand the exact target markets Royal Highnies needed to reach, then developed a plan around keywords and platforms that would put Royal Highnies in front of its desired customers – and convince them to make a purchase.


After defining their markets and doing rigorous keyword research, we developed a digital marketing plan that included:


  • Creative email campaigns

  • Shopping ad campaigns

  • Display ads

  • Social media ad campaigns

  • Fresh graphics


The campaign incorporated new creative materials and approaches. Each piece of the plan was designed to better reach Royal Highnies’ target markets and convert prospects into customers. We also maintained a rigorous schedule of reviewing campaign results and, in response, making small adjustments to continually improve the success of the campaign.

Royal Highnies achieved more while spending less, thanks to Spectruss’ strategic approach. SEE MORE OF THE AWESOME WORK WE DID FOR ROYAL HIGHNIES HERE


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