Turn shoppers into customers

From prototyping to production, our experienced designers and developers use technology and user-centric design to showcase your products, expand your business, increase your sales, and create a lasting bond with the end user. Our conversion-focused approach creates a seamless user experience that has positioned us light years ahead of our competition. We understand the challenges of e-commerce and build custom integrations to connect ERP, CRM, accounting software, and shipping software for increased automation and efficiency.


PCI Compliance

Spectruss builds all of its e-commerce sites to be fully PCI Compliant, insuring that your customers sensitive credit card data is handled appropriately, alleviating you of any potential liability. Integrating with Authorize.net allows us to offer secure services such as credit card storage for one-click checkout functionality, automatic billing for subscriptions, and in-app refund functionality for vendors.


Fully Responsive Design & Programming

When working on the architecture of your site’s page, our developers focus on the user experience when they are accessing it from different devices. After finishing the first prototype, we use Chrome's developer tools to allow your website to adapt and provide an optimal experience on any device it’s being viewed from. Our responsive process involves ongoing usability testing and iterative development for a seamless experience on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.


Product Photography

Whether it’s socks, suits, or soda bottles, our snapshot of product images give customers instant information to increase your sales and brand engagement. No matter the product, our in-house photographer captures high-quality photos for any e-commerce platform.


WooCommerce / Shopify / Lightspeed

We get your store “ready to sell” as quick as possible with our flexible e-commerce platforms, providing seamless integration with your website. They give you the ability to sell online, 24/7 with built-in analytics and reporting so you can make your service business more successful, making ongoing improvements over time.


Shipping Integrations

Automating your e-commerce store is crucial to building an efficient system that allows for scalability. Integrating with systems such as ShipStation gives you the tools you need to efficiently deliver your orders.


Custom Environment for Custom Needs (Wholesale & Retail)

We also offer custom solutions for those companies that are looking to provide a digital platform for their consumers and wholesalers to order. We have successfully built multi-level pricing structures, based on user role, to allow wholesalers and consumers order from the same e-commerce store.

PCI Compliance
Product Photography Fully Responsive
Design & Programming
WooCommerce /
Shopify / Lightspeed
Shipping Integrations Product Photography Custom Environment for Custom Needs (Wholesale & Retail)