Spectruss Presents: Sound To Table Experience

St. John’s Restaurant, Tim Hinck and Spectruss presents a SOUND TO TABLE experience.


Sunday, September 24, beginning at 6:00 PM at St. John’s Restaurant.

A composer and a chef set out to completely reimagine the dining experience. Crafting new combinations of sound and dramatic culinary innovations, chef Rebecca Barron and composer Tim Hinck are attempting to redefine their work by uniting flavors and music seamlessly with images, lighting, and sound. Drawing inspiration from Crabtree Farms, they have created sonic and visual extensions to each course of food. Special guest, Holly Mulcahy (violinist and concertmaster of the Chattanooga Symphony) joins Tim Hinck in creating intricate layers of music that unfold around each course of food from Chef Barron’s kitchen.


Experience priced at $160 per person all inclusive of wine pairings, tax, and gratuity.

Limited to 80 guests.

Free Vallet Parking.




Behind the Sound and Table

Tim Hinck is a composer and pianist who’s works have been performed around the world. A former Fulbright Fellow, Hinck studied music in the Netherlands, and now performs his own music along with a rigorous schedule appointments as a concert pianist. His innovative compositional projects often involve multimedia elements and unexpected performance spaces.

Rebecca Barron is the executive chef of Chattanooga’s renowned St. John’s Restaurant. Talented in her own right, she’s also had the opportunity to work under the well known Chef Daniel Lindley as chef de cuisine for three years before becoming executive chef two years ago.

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