TODAY Show Features Spectruss Client PurrPacks

Sam Silvey

Sam Silvey

December 21, 2016

PurrPacks goes on the TODAY Show

One of our favorite clients, PurrPacks, had a good day as they had a their moment in the spotlight on the NBC TODAY show earlier this morning. Featured among the best picks for this years subscription gift suggestions, PurrPacks filled out as the top recommended choice for cat owners interested in this type of gift!

Check out the video:



A Process Worth Working Toward:

There are a number of ways in which one markets and promotes a brand. This can be blogging, online advertisements, email marketing, multi-level campaign marketing – the list goes on right? There is an end goal with all of that of course. You want to push the brand and ultimately proliferate it’s awareness to create a more profitable, or recognized venture – depending on your needs.


That however is the end goal. Marketing is not just advertisements and social media, another part of marketing, and this is the part that is the driving force behind a successful marketing strategy, is the ability to capitalize on interest for a brand and ultimately create pockets where your product, or service is being promoted by other enthusiastic parties. So for example bloggers, or their vlogger counterparts may take an interest and push a service/product, as a result a corresponding online publication may look into it and do a feature as well. It creates a circle of interest that can potentially feed into itself. For example:

Thank You Catster Magazine



Congratulations to PurrPacks, they are wrapping up their year the way any business should hope to, with a larger stage and a bigger audience. We look forward to more great work.


As a side note, if you have a business, a great idea Рand you are unsure of yourself in the proper ways to grow that visible audience, feel free to come to us and have that conversation. This is a conversation worth having.