Spectruss Creates Custom Plugins to Meet Specific Demands

Using the soul of WordPress so clients gain a competitive edge


Today, millions of businesses are using WordPress for running their online business in a profitable and effective way. Although WordPress can meet many requirements, it cannot meet each and every one of them. As the competition in the marketing industry increases, each business has to have a website that will help them gain a completive edge. After a certain time duration, this requires every business to make changes in their website functionality to serve their clients in the best possible way.

However, redesigning or remodeling of a website is not possible every time and will take a lot of time, money, and effort. This is when you need the assistance of an experienced and specialized developer to create your own personalized plugins.

At Spectruss, we experienced an example of this accommodation first hand when our developer, Evan, ran into this problem working with images for our websites. He noticed the inefficiency of running every single image we use manually through an image compressor and decided to write a custom plugin that would automate the process. The result was a plugin which reads off a Google Lighthouse audit to detect all of the bloated images on a WordPress site and replace every single one with a new, optimized version.

“What this plugin does for me, and can do for any WordPress developer, is efficiently automate the never-ending task of optimizing images for the web,” said Evan Norton, Web Developer at Spectruss.


Unlike random untested plugins downloaded from the web, our customized plugins work exactly how each unique client wants them to perform to improve the overall users’ experience. Whether you want to improve the security of your site, boost the performance and speed of the site, or apply any additional custom functionality, all of these things can be easily achieved with Spectruss.

Our plugin development services will not only help boost the existing functionality but also enable you to add new features to your site in a quite easy and economical way.  With our experienced and specialized WordPress plugin developers, your website is used as an effective medium or tool for targeting customers, grabbing their attentions, increasing revenues, and boosting traffic on the site. Additionally, our plugins are highly packed with important features like:

-High level customization

-Multi-user capable

-A stronger level of security

-Consistency and Flexibility in design

-Optimized for search engines for higher ranking.

These are only a few benefits of utilizing our plugin developers. To learn more, call Spectruss today.


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