The Power of Local Search Optimization – Case Study of Southeastern Endodontics

Get More Customer Reviews

According to a survey by Search Engine Land, 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from real people. That means positive customer reviews may be the single most effective marketing tool out there for your business.


But how do you do it?


At Spectruss, we provide services that get your customers spreading the good word about your business on the sites that matter. Our solution helps you tactfully ask and remind customers for feedback, guides them through the online review process, and gives you a chance to reach dissatisfied customers before they write a negative review.

The Review Management & Automation service we offer allows your business to increase local search visibility and catch potential negative reviews before they get published.


Take a look to see how Spectruss established a successful review management campaign for Southeastern Endodontics.


Before Spectruss, Southeastern Endodontics had a total of 5 customer reviews. Since adopting our services in March 2017, the dentistry practice has seen an immense amount of improvement.

Total New Reviews: 22

Average Review Rating: 4.82

Effected an increase of 1.02 star

33% increase in Overall Star Rating

157% increase in Total Review Count

Increase in Social Likes & Checkins 



Matthew Brock, DDS, MSD


Dr. Matthew Brock is a graduate of University of Tennessee College of Dentistry and Boston University. He received his Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies and Masters of Science in Dentistry at Boston University School of Dental Medicine (BUSDM). He is one of a distinguished few in the region that have achieved a Master’s degree in the science of endodontics.

Dr. Brock is a member of the American Dental Association, a Specialist Member of the American Association of Endodontists, and a member of the Tennessee Dental Association, Chattanooga Dental Society, Tennessee Association of Endodontists, and Georgia Association of Endodontists.

“A little over a year ago I was looking into revamping our website and running an SEO on the site to keep everything up to speed.  I knew of a few places to call and ran across Spectruss when they were one of the sponsors for an event at the Hunter Art Museum.  I contacted Sam Silvey, President of Spectruss, and set up a meeting for my partner and I to meet with him and brainstorm about some ways to improve our online presence.  Sam was great at listening to our perspective and concerns.  In health care my partner and I have chosen to not really advertise much, but we do want a strong online presence as so many people use the internet to research and look for health care providers, even an address while they are on their way to the appointment.  After listening to us, Sam had some great ideas of how to improve our site & get feedback from our patients so that we could grow the practice and offer the best possible care to our patients.  Sam has truly been great for my partner and I to work with through this process.”  -Matthew Brock DDS, MSD


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