Spectruss launches Passageways for AIA Tennessee

With the American Institute of Architects Tennessee annual convention approaching on August 24th it is time to begin the unveiling of some of the exciting projects that will happen as a result. Today we are proud to launch the website for the joint venture for AIA Tennessee and the River City Company – Passageways.

Passageways is an open competition where teams will be able to rejuvenate alleyways within Chattanooga in the spirit of collaboration and with the hopes to inspire, and spark a sense of interest through great design and creativity.

This event coincides with the annual AIA Tennessee convention. This convention brings some of the best and brightest in the world of Architecture to our own city, Chattanooga Tennessee. Spectruss is proud to be the chosen firm to represent
AIA and their branding goals for this years event. It was our goal from the start to set an aesthetic that could illustrate the importance of the work AIA is linked to.
This years theme “IMPACT” was created to instill a sense of gravity to the themes overall
atmosphere, highlighting the importance and impact of Architecture around the world. Stay tuned as we unveil more for this years convention as we are able too! It is going to be a fantastic AIA Tennessee event.

If you are excited about this years event checkout their websites and learn more about both the AIA Passageways competition and the convention itself. Chattanooga is a rapidly growing city and while Spectruss works with companies all over the country it is a pleasure to be able to dedicate time to a prestigious event in our own hometown. It’s both a humbling experience, and a ton of fun!

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