Spectruss Provides Exponential Growth for Cosmetic Surgeon

Chattanooga advertising agency uses strategic digital marketing to help Sturm Cosmetic Surgery experience growth by five times in a single month

Chattanooga, TN- August 9th, 2019- Spectruss, a full-service advertising agency based in the Chattanooga, TN area, initiated strategic planning and progressive advertising management to increase growth for Sturm Cosmetic Surgery by 380% from June to July. Incorporating research-based digital marketing strategies has been the foundation for building a strong and growing customer base for Sturm Cosmetic Surgery, located in Ames, Iowa.

“Reaching a specific target audience is a key component to Sturm Cosmetic Surgery’s incredible growth,” says Preslie Gifford, Advertising Manager at Spectruss. “In order to market to a focused demographic, it is essential to make sure display ads are seen by the right people. I focus on utilizing Google Ads due to the fact that research indicates potential cosmetic patients search ‘the best of the best’ near their location. This means people in the Ames, IA surrounding area who are searching anything related to cosmetic procedures will see Sturm Cosmetic Surgery at the top of the google search list. Social media advertising isn’t far behind in ranking. The key to social is combining fun, informative and promotional content.”

With consumer research, competitive analysis, and audience segmentation, Spectruss has built a strong brand identity for Sturm Cosmetic Surgery that has produced significant results. Spectruss used digital strategies to drive more traffic to Sturm’s website which in return, drove traffic to the office. Sturm Cosmetic Surgery experienced double the amount of website traffic in the month of July compared to the month of June.

Spectruss is a full-service advertising agency based out of Chattanooga, TN that specializes in marketing solutions utilizing custom website development, brand identity, videography and photography, digital marketing, e-commerce, paid media, public relations, review management, and data analysis. Their mission is to build long-lasting relations, living on the cutting edge of technology, advertising, and marketing to provide an unrivaled return on investment for clients.
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