Tips to Strengthen Your Brand’s Social Media Presence

Social Media Demographics

In order to maximize your brand’s social media presence, it is important to understand the demographics of different social platforms. You don’t want to waste time creating content on a platform where your target audience doesn’t have a large existence.

Social Media Engagement

It is important to note why consumers follow and unfollow brands. Paying attention to these indicators can help you improve your business profile and create more engaging content.


Build a Strong Profile


Building a social media strategy for your business is extremely important. It will help you to pinpoint who you are as a brand and give you direction on content to post. Take the time to identify your target audience to ensure you are utilizing the best platform to reach your consumers.


Using a theme helps boost your presence by creating a visually appealing profile and adding an overall uniformed look. Theming your account is especially effective on Instagram. Using similar filters, imagery and color schemes helps set a mood that reflects your brand to your followers.


Use strong visuals on your social media accounts by integrating high quality pictures and videos. Posting eye-catching visuals is a great way to attract a bigger following. Think outside the box with your images such as utilizing puzzle feeds or grid images on instagram.


Be informative, get creative and use humor. Captions are an important part of your social media posts because they can drastically increase engagement. Asking questions in your captions encourages your followers to comment responses on your post. When a post receives a certain amount of engagement, Instagram’s algorithm actually boosts that post so more users are likely to see it.


Mix up your content and keep it interesting. Utilizing Instagram/Facebook Stories is a great way to add something different to your profile while also reaching a large audience. Over 500 million instagram users engage in instagram stories every single day. Utilizing live stories is another great way to draw in your audience. Since your followers are notified when you start a live video, its a great way to increase engagement with consumers.


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