Case Study


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The Client

BrewSKI’s roots date back from the 50’s when The Double Cola Company released a new line of citrus soda. The soda was inspired by a water skiing trip and appropriately called the new beverage, SKI. Giving light to SKI’s branding through the years became the inspiration for the new beer line, BrewSKI. Utilizing extensive market research and incorporating Double Cola’s original SKI soda brand, Spectruss developed strong, creative branding that would distinguish BrewSKI from the competition.



Our logo design process for BrewSKI began with quality conversations with Double Cola. Our designers obtained as much information about the company culture and history of Double Cola in order to inject that messaging into the design. The creative experts at Spectruss formulated a unique and memorable logo for BrewSKI.


Can Design

From colors to functionality, we obsessed over the can design details to ensure it had the perfect appeal to BrewSKI’s target audience. It was essential to give the design elements that local SKI soda drinkers will recognize to attract current customers and a fresh modern appeal for new ones.



Spectruss coined the slogan “Brewed from the water” and branded BrewSKI Beer to embody all things water. Using the love for water and passion for giving back to the environment, Spectruss also helped market BrewSKI as an environmentally conscious brand. This water-centric branding has not only allowed BrewSKI to stand out against the competition, but has also set the groundwork for numerous future campaign opportunities.


Tap Handles

We took the same awesome can designs and created tap handles for BrewSKI that would be sure to capture the attention of customers.


Apparel Design

The team at Spectruss had a blast designing merchandise apparel for BrewSKI. We implemented a similar color scheme and logo design to create cool, versatile t-shirts and hats that BrewSki fans would wear proudly.


Web Design

Our team designed a website for BrewSKi that would perform and convert in today’s highly competitive market. We used beautiful design and incorporated development techniques that would attract visitors and give them a seamless online experience. The BrewSKI site is fully responsive, optimized for search engines and built on a modern content management system.