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Case Study

Chattanooga Whiskey

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Chattanooga Whiskey is an award-winning bourbon distillery located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Our objective was to improve brand awareness and create a web presence that is in line with the high quality of Chattanooga Whiskey’s products.

The development of the new site, chattanoogawhiskey.com, created a seamless website navigation experience built to drive consumer interaction and showcase the whiskey brand.

With the modern consumer becoming increasingly tech-savvy, providing an error-free online experience has become more important than ever. By Integrating several key development processes, our web developers successfully built an effective website to provide Chattanooga Whiskey with a strong online presence.



To ensure a positive customer online interaction, we utilized responsive design which uses flexible layouts to detect a visitor’s screen size and orientation. This allows for the website to seamlessly adapt to the visitor’s layout accordingly, which results in great user experience.



Our web developers gave Chattanooga Whiskey the ability to easily edit and update its website content at any time. This was achieved by building a content management system, or CMS, through WordPress, which simplifies the web programming languages to provide easy authoring of the website. The beauty of this content management system is you don’t have to know a single line of code to publish content using WordPress.